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General Discussion / Any 'cycling in print' collectors?
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:39:31 am »
I've been collecting printed material (books, maps, guides etc.) relating to early cycling for about five years. I'm not American, I was born, raised and live in Ireland so most of what I have is either Irish or English but generally the former. The earliest item is a cycling road book for England & Wales (1884) and the earliest Irish item is the 'Cyclist's and Pedestrians Guide to the Neighbourhood of Dublin' (1891)

I've asked this question on a number of forums but haven't really got much response so thought I'd try here.

Anyone collect historical printed material related to cycling?

This is a link to an album of photos of some of the items in my collection!Fv-NlJsKWC3udXlSMHdGeTZHTzY0JAw

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