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Routes / 2 weeks in south-western British Columbia?
« on: April 13, 2021, 06:52:22 pm »
We just acquired the gift of two more weeks to add to our epic tour this summer, our Sierra Cascades (SC)/Pacific Coast (PC) route extravaganza (a giant loop from Bend, OR north to Sedro-Woolley, then over to Anacortes and south on the Pacific Coast route to SF, then back to Sierra Cascades route in Truckee and back north  to Bend).

We are not interested in doing the southern portions of either the PC or the SC routes this summer for a variety of reasons. We'll do that loop another time. But we are interested in going into Canada for a bit, and trying to figure out an interesting route. We know nothing about BC or Canada, not even sure if bicycle tourists would be allowed across boarder with the pandemic. We are both fully vaccinated though....  This portion of our ride would be in July.

So if you had two weeks, departing Sedro-Woolley and returning to Anacortes, what would you do?

General Discussion / Virtual Tours?
« on: July 13, 2020, 02:04:29 pm »
Well, our tour around Oregon and Washington (north from Bend on Sierra Cascades, south on Pacific Coast, and across to home on TransAm) was supposed to start this month, but we postponed it for next year due to the virus.  So many of the small towns we were set to travel through were shuttered, and we worried that many of the small mom & pop stores would not open back up. And now the virus is surging here in Oregon and Washington, so I think it was the right decision.

To keep me sane (or prove that I'm insane) I decide to do a virtual tour, recreating our trip across the country two years ago from Bend to Boston.  I started riding on May 16th, doing day rides from home and logging the miles and revisiting the travel journal from each day. I've found out that it's a lot harder to go across the country when you're living at home!   Work and responsibilities keep getting in the way. But I'm almost halfway, and getting to know central Oregon a lot better.  Have to say it was really handy when my bike started making noises to just put it on the stand and take a day cleaning and lubing though!   Just "made it" to Wisconsin today (though on the tour, we were in Ohio by now after the grand tour of Michigan on the Northern Lakes route).   

Anyone else doing a virtual tour this year? 

Routes / New route including Black Hills?
« on: July 12, 2019, 03:37:20 pm »
I have been scouring my ACA magazines and bike bits from the last year, trying to find the article that talked about the upcoming route (expected in 2020) that took in Wyoming and South Dakota, including the black hills.   
Can anyone help?  It sounded like a great trip, and we were thinking of doing it in 2020.

General Discussion / Passing of Bruce Gordon
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:53:09 pm »
The legendary bike builder, Bruce Gordon, has sadly left this mortal coil.   Here are a couple articles about his passing. No details yet. Just glad he got to go to France twice since his retirement.  Hoping Adventure Cycling will do a story on him in a near future issue of the magazine.    His touring bicycles are near perfection.

Thank you, Bruce, for the bikes, the wisdom, the artistry, and the humor.   Thank you for SOPWAMTOS (Society of People Who Actually Make Their Own S#!%). 

Most especially, thank you for the ride of my life (aka, my bicycle, in the photo below between Augusta and Great Falls, MT).

Those travelling on Trans Am Map 2 during the week of May 14th, be advised that there is a planned prescribed burn 14 miles east of Prineville near HWY 26.   Slated for Monday or Tuesday, but may change if there is rain over this weekend.
The road is NOT closed, but be advised that there may be lots of smoke in the air, and that camping outdoors in the region may not be healthy.
More info here:

Update April 18 2018
From link:   " New update from ODOT, they have closed the road to all users! See photo below. Because of the fire (in 2017) ODOT is still assessing and clearing danger trees, the state of the roadway and culverts. Work crews are on the highway with heavy equipment. Once they have completed their work bicyclist and pedestrians will be allowed at their own risk. The plan is to open the highway to cars and all users the third Monday in June, June 18th. No date at this time when crews will be done, we will keep you posted. Feel free to call the shop for latest updates."
IF you are wanting to take the McKenzie Pass on the Trans Am route, keep tabs on updates here:

Just found The Happy Cow   which is a source for vegan/vegetarian restaurants, bakers, and health food stores/co-ops all across the country.  Includes Canada, too!

Sharing so folks can find places on their routes AND add places that are missing.

I had a blast going through our route this summer and finding health food stores along the way. Was very pleased to find there are only a few "food deserts" where it's going to be tough along the Northern Tier/North Lakes route.

I'm going to keep notes along the way so I can add places that are not on Happy Cow and keep building the resource.

Routes / Cross Country, combining routes
« on: January 02, 2018, 12:01:37 am »
To celebrate our 50th birthdays, we are headed east from Central Oregon, ending in Boston.  Leaving May 15th, and expecting to take 10-12 weeks.  This is our first long tour, after doing a number of short, one-week trips last summer. 
After reading in this forum for a while, and seeing the incredible wealth of knowledge here, I wanted to share the route we've put together, just in case there is a problem or issue that we have not foreseen. 
  • Taking Trans-America route from Central Oregon to Missoula.
    Then Great Parks North to connect up with the Northern Tier route in Columbia Falls.
    Take Northern Tier route to Osecola where we'll go off on the North Lakes route, crossing Lake Michigan at Manitowoc.
    On the east side of Lake Michigan, we'll hook up with the Lake Erie connector. 
    Take Lake Erie connector either down to Sandusky and along southern edge of Erie, or around the northern edge to Buffalo, still not sure.
    Either way, hook back up with the Northern Tier, and  either continue to Brunswick, where we'll move over to the Atlantic route to take us down to Boston.   OR take a US bike route from Lebanon, VT, down to Boston).
We have family and history in Boston, so it's important to end up there.

Any thoughts?  Ideas?  Errors in our ways?
Thanks in advance,

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