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I'm 62. Retired. There is a desire and an opportunity to ride a bicycle around our country.
I cycled several times when my children were small. Later I went alone, on a bicycle with a bicycle trailer. But, of course, I did not make such big trips.
Therefore, with pleasure I will take all sorts of advice on organizing such a trip (according to my calculations a year or a little more).
Perhaps someone has already descended from the north of the country along the East Coast to Florida. Perhaps someone had already crossed the country in the southern states and from Florida to Clifornia.
The same is for the West Coast from south to north and over the northern states back to New York .
My trailer is pretty roomy, so I can take quite a lot of payload. But because the trailer is big, I can not go fast. Approximately 10 miles per hour (40-60 miles per day), this is now my cruising speed.

I'm going to spend the night, mostly in a tent, sometimes only stopping at motels for hygienic procedures.
But I do not know how people in different states in the country treat a nightman in a tent.
Perhaps in some states this is against the law.
I ask experienced travelers not to be shy and give all sorts of advice.

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