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Gear Talk / Arkel “rollpacker” 25L?
« on: March 30, 2018, 06:53:25 am »
Opinions? 25L vs an Arkel 42L pannier set up?  With the understanding that with the rollpacker I’d also use a Revelate XL sweet roll. 

My intended use is single un supported touring on a car on fork road bike (rear panniers and rack - all good).... but “if” I could visualize a packing list for the rollpacker/sweet roll (+ a frame pack?) I could reuse this kit on my 29’r MTB, retire the Bob trailer and have a Great Divide set up... common components (different frame bags).

What would I have to give up on using this set up for my road bike (ie Blue ridge parkway tour)?

Gear Talk / 5lb “penalty”... what is the cost?
« on: March 24, 2018, 12:29:13 pm »
Looking for advice/feedback please. I currently use a free standing 2 person tent that is expedition ready (black label, Hilleberg) that I use for winter camping... and stores in my Bob trailer just fine (designed for my carbon MTB and the GAP type trails)... Now that I’m getting a road bike and planning longer road tours... what is the penalty of 5 lbs?   I am looking to buy a yellow label Enan tent... non-free standing 3 season tent... ignoring the cost - it will be <3 lbs with ground sheet, pack smaller but would sit on the rear rack... similar to the other tent... minimal wind exposure, but there is a weight/non-free standing/size offsets. 


Gear Talk / New bike build... carbon front forks - options?
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:59:18 pm »
I have a new bike being built for travel and touring… S&S  couplers  equipped so I’m thinking about leaving the Bob trailer at home when I travel by air... my question is what are my options for storage as a single rider?

If I were to install two of Arkel GT54 panniers at the back and put a Revelate inner frame bag in the inside of the frame... would that give me a enough storage without having front panniers?

Thinking is mild weather x-country rides...1 man Hillenberg tent, MSR canister stove, folding saw, thermarest, 40 degree down bag, water bladder, clothing - showers pass rain set, sandals, kit bag, civi  clothes. Parts/tubes/electrinics.

Thoughts... thanks! 🤓

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