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We are a couple cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in mi-June 2018.

We really want to bike the Big Sur portion of the route, despite the 10 miles road closure at at Mud Creek slide (the road will reopen only in Septembre 2018).

We booked a shuttle to bypass the road closure (

There is one place left in the shuttle and we are looking for a 3rd person that could join us and split the cost. The shuttle will leave Plaskett creek campground (near the town of Gorda) on June 18th at 9:30am and bring us to Salmon Creek/ San Simeon.

If you are interested to join the ride please contact me soon. There is limited cell phone coverage in the aera, so I may not be able to  get your message if it is not sent at least 2 days in advance. If you read this message at the last minute, you can also simply show up in the hiker-biker section on Plaskett Creek campground on at 9am on June 18th.

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