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General Discussion / Planning to go Portland > EAST somewhere
« on: July 29, 2018, 04:32:05 pm »
Hi there~!

I just signed up and on to this site and forum. I'm currently living near Portland, Oregon and wantin' to bike across country to the east coast somewheres. Where precisely, is TBD as I've a couple friends in different states that I wanna visit. Likely will be North Carolina.

I've always biked everywhere I live, never really considered it a joy of mine but rather a mode of point A -> B and back again. Some events in my life have led me  to the choice of biking across country not just as a recreation, but a general .... live life thing. I want to see the country and do it by my own power.

That all said, I'm very new to this notion of extreme distances. I've been in the process of paring things down for months anyways now, and saving money. so I'll be pouring my all into my bike once I purchase it (next week! Eeeee!) I've gotten support from the friends I've told my plan to and have been looking over the Adventure Cycling site for checklists of what is good to bring with and what's just excess.  My free time's to be spent at the apartment complex's gym on the exercise bike to practice long ride times and build up endurance AND I'm lookin' into bike maintenance classes to keep my babby goin'.

What are the realistic perils / needs / pros/cons of doing this? Mind you I'm generally a shuttered up hermit who just cringes at the notion of doing social things. .... But I love people, oddly enough. I just gotta find the right enthusiastic strange ones, I suppose.

ANYways. Any advice for someone looking to do such a feat for the first time? Wisdom? Where's the ideal places to pitch tent for sleep? Where/how to avoid bear maulings?

I look forward to adventuring (relatively)soon!

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