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GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPX data updates
« on: June 08, 2023, 03:45:41 pm »
In the past I purchased the Trans Am digital data set. There are new updates available. Do these new updates correspond with the latest maps. Many of my paper maps are outdated from when I rode in 2019. I will have to purchase the new paper maps. Am I able download the updates for free or do I have to repurchase the digital data to correspond with the new maps?

Routes / Pittsburgh spur
« on: August 25, 2021, 10:19:45 am »
I am currently riding the C+O/ GAP and will be approaching Pittsburgh in several days. My plan is to ride the Pittsburgh spur to Erie Pa. And on to Buffalo and the Erie Canal to Albany.

I have the gps track on my Garmin and the Bicycle Route Navigator app with that section on my phone. I realize it will be hilly. My question is does anyone have experience riding this section? How many days to Erie? Is it possible to complete in 3 days? Potential resupply points, lodging or camping options.

Any suggestions would be great.

 Route 140 in Ellington, CT, is closed between rt 83 and rt 30 for a bridge replacement until October of 2021.

North bound at mile 1.4 left on rt 83, do not follow rt 140 east, continue on rt 83 towards Somers Ct. right on 190 east. rejoin route at mile 10.4, enter roundabout and follow 190 east. route 190 can be a busy road and carry heavy truck traffic. Rt 190 has a wide shoulder and is nothing an experienced cyclist can't handle.

Northbound option at mile 1.4 follow rt 140 east. at the road block left on Webster Rd, right on E Porter Rd. becomes Boyer Rd., right on Burbank Rd., left on rt 140, Crystal Lake Rd. Follow the map mile 5.4 Crystal Lake. this route follows the main route and has a short detour on town roads that circumnavigate the road closure.

South bound at mile 13.1 enter roundabout bear right follow rt190. mile 13.4 do not follow rt 140, continue on rt 190 west, Follow 190 west to Somers Ct., Left on rt 83 . rejoin the route at mile 22.1, follow rt 140. route 190 can be a busy road and have heavy truck traffic.

southbound option to follow rtb140 at mile 13.4 Bear left on sr140, mile 18.1 Crystal Lake, cross rt 30 to stay on rt140, right on Burbank Rd, Left on Boyer Rd, becomes East Porter Rd, left on Webster Rd, left on rt 140 Crystal Lake Rd to rejoin the route. your next route map cue will be 22.1. Turn left then right on route 140.

If you need additional travel assistance in the area, please ask. I live in map panel 15, Melrose, CT.


General Discussion / Tire pressure
« on: July 31, 2019, 12:36:38 pm »
I wonder what tire pressure others run when they are on tour. I am about to replace the tires on my Kona Sutra. I am going to install Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700c × 38. The bike loaded is 70 lbs. I weigh 170 lbs. Do you run high pressure (75-85 psi) for less rolling resistance, or lower pressure (60-65 lbs) for comfort? Does tire pressure affect rolling resistance that much? I know it effects comfort levels.

Routes / Northern tier #10 Maps 126-127 To Avoid Canada Alternate
« on: July 31, 2019, 12:22:48 pm »
I am sitting here today with sometime  on my hands reviewing my up coming route. The Northern Tier route goes into Canada near Niagra Falls. I did not realize  this before. I do not possess a passport. Is there an alternative route that will keep me in the U.S?

Google maps shows 2 alternatives
1- north from Peace Bridge on rt 266 along the Niagra River to rt 31 that then goes to Lockport
2-RT 5 Main St Buffalo northeast  on surface streets to the University of Buffalo then continuing northeast to rt78 to Lockport.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This forum has answered so many of my questions without having to ask. Almost everything I needed to find out was answered previously in other post. Thank you.

I am flying to Portland Oregon May 18th to start my first major tour. Trans Am to the Underground Railway, north to the Northern Tier and on to Maine.

I'm looking for suggestion as to where to ship my bike using Bike flights. I have seen the another post recommending Bikes and Beyond in Astoria. Are there any shops in Portland you would recommend. I see there is public transportation from Portland to Astoria that accepts bikes. is that a viable option?

I am a confident bike mechanic and I have the ability to assemble my own bike. Has anyone ever shipped there bike to a hotel in Astoria? If so what hotel do you recommend.

My thought was to rent a car in Portland, drive to Astoria, spend a day or two getting ready (obtaining provisions, building the bike etc.) before starting out. Or doing the same thing in Portland and using public transportation to Astoria.

Any thoughts and recommendations are appreciated.


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