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Cycling Events / Missoula to McCall Idaho?
« on: June 29, 2020, 07:34:54 pm »
Hey folks,

I'm planning on riding from Glacier National Park, to Missoula, and then to meet some friends in McCall Idaho in a few weeks.  I was able to get the "Great Parks North" Section 2 map which takes me to Missoula, but I'm not immediately finding any routes down to McCall. 

Does anyone have some good suggestions?  I'm bikepacking but going solo, camping out, so I'd rather avoid any routes that might have single-track and means to give me mechanical trouble lol. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Don C. 

Classifieds / FOR SALE: Sci Con Aerotech X TSA Bike Case Brand New- $450/BO
« on: February 16, 2020, 03:46:12 pm »
Hello Cyclists,

I did a silly thing in my haste and bought two SciCon bike cases -one hard case, and one soft case.  I decided to keep the soft case version and ship the hard case one back, not considering the shipping cost or ProBike UK's lovely Customer Service dept  >:(

Anyways, I'm now wishing to sell the hard case version -Aerotech X TSA Bike Case- which is still literally in the cardboard box it arrived in, never used.   I'm selling it at a great price, but the one catch is you'd have live in the area and pick it up, because shipping it is probably cost prohibitive. 


Designed and impeccably manufactured in Cambridge, England by bike enthusiasts who started Airnimal Ltd, the “Joey”  (ELITE model, with Rohloff  14 Speed Gearhub) exudes quality with its engineering, components, fit and finish and is a really fun bike to ride.  It also seemed to elicit a comment /compliment nearly every time I took it out.  Extremely versatile, it’s fun to tool around town or used as a commuter.   The solid construction and opt-up Rohloff Speedhub make it a superb long-distance tourer, as well (what I intended to use it for, but other things in life have intruded).   Being able to fold it quickly allows it to fit on trains, in car trunks, Metro’s, etc. 

But the bike itself, as advertised, is cleverly designed and outfitted.  The 24” inch wheels and solid construction/geometry of the bike make it feel just like a normal road bike and it’s quite responsive on the low-end.   I like the Rohloff grip shifter so much I’m going to try and get my future bikes to have this feature.  The Rohloff itself sells for over $1000 (see below).

This bike only has about 100-200 miles on it (so I’m taking a big hit, but stuff happens) but I understand it’s now “used”.   Still looks  (and rides) impeccably, but for one very minor scuff about ½ inch long on the downside of the main frame.

Some upgrades/options include: the Commuter Kit option; the custom fit mudguards/flaps; a custom carrying bag; Ergo grips/extenders; Toplight rear light and of course, most significantly the Rohloff Speedhub which gives it and incredible gearing range (see below).  There was this huge hill on a detour to work one day and it just ate it up.  The top-end is fine, too.   I’ll also include a few pair of pedals I intended to use with it.   

I bought it in October, 2018.  InvoiceData - Joey.docx

Serious inquiries only please.    Pictures below these links of my particular Joey. 

Some Online information about Airnimal in Cambridge, England and the Joey Elite:


Review in Cycling Weekly:

Review in UK Cycling Life:

Rohloff  14-Speed Speedhub:

Rohloff Review:

Gear Talk / Putting a straight bar on a Fairlight Strael?
« on: June 26, 2019, 11:36:26 pm »
Hello, I love riding bikes, but I'm not a gear-head, like some of you, and that's why I'm here to get your input ( :

I love a steel-frame bike for their absorption of bumps (I live in a city and use my bike to commute to neighboring VA and to do some light weekend touring).   One of the best out there is the Fairlight Strael, but for my city riding (and my lower back) I prefer a more upright riding position, not the drop bars they're designed for.

So would the geometry/comfort of their frame be ruined with a straight bar?  And what of the shifting components? 


Routes / Washington DC to East Lansing MI
« on: November 13, 2018, 10:12:42 pm »
Hello there bikers, 

Planning an intro tour (haven't done one in decades lol) from Washington DC to Lansing, MI area this Summer.   I'm a history teacher so love passing historical sites, etc.   Obviously Pittsburgh is on the way.   But I would like to stay off routes with lots of traffic, when possible. 

I considered going up to Buffalo (so I could see the end-point of the Erie Canal), thinking I'd avoid the traffic around Cleveland and Toledo, but crossing the border over to Detroit doesn't look too appealing (I read somewhere biking is really crappy in Detroit). 

I'm off  vintage mid-century vintage, but in very good shape.  I plan on camping on the way.  Shooting for 80-100 miles day (I get up early : )   

Any suggestions would be welcome. 

Thanks, DMC 

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