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I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on where to go when I arrive. I am arriving into Sacramento with no touring experience, and the plan is to spend some time on the west coast acclimating to touring/camping.

I am on a very fixed income and relying on camping a lot, minimalist approach, and would like to obviously stay safe.

I don't have a specific agenda other than indefinite touring at the moment, have a lot of experience in the saddle now, just not actually touring full time.

When I arrive in Sacramento, I am going to try and find some cheap campgrounds for the night and figure things out from there. Probably head over to San Francisco from there, and then the sky is the limit...

Any ideas on where to go? Good place to start? Places of interest I should see as a cyclist? Survival tips or advice on places to go that is affordable and worth checking out? Any advice?

P.S. please make the site mobile responsive friendly.

Gear Talk / Dynamo - What are you using for a light?
« on: October 21, 2019, 11:00:57 pm »
If you have a dynamo setup...

What are you using for a light for touring and why?

I bought a Busch and Muller IQ-X used on ebay and it's failing right out of the gate. Feels like a faulty switch, but I did get enough performance out of it to know what to expect from it now. It's my first real headlamp of this magnitude, and I don't want to go backwards again on lighting. I am running a Shutter Precision Dynamo hub. I have a Sinewave revolution already installed, so I don't need a USB charger in the mix. So I am thinking another IQ-X or going with the Son Edelux II instead so I have something to compare it too. I also have the B&M tail light that pulsates when stopping. Regardless of the pulsating, I like how bright and big it is and let's people know I am there for sure. What I don't like about the IQ-X is there is a cache battery in the tail light that doesn't go out for the first couple of minutes that you stop. If you suddenly had to go stealth for any reason, it's not the most ideal get away vehicle metaphorically speaking. But the lights work nice when they do work for the most part.

Should I just do the Edelux instead? Seems to be the best selling headlight in that class, although I think that has to do more with them just naturally being sold with Son hubs as well and by default that is why they probably sell more naturally I am guessing.


General Discussion / Help getting out of the Rockies (time sensitive)
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:39:45 pm »
I am in Denver and trying to catch up with a route that will help me stay ahead of weather and tour for a while. I was hoping to go west from Denver to the West Coast for the winter as I acclimate to touring for a bit. My plan of heading due west hasn't worked out from one problem to the other of getting out. Currently, a snowstorm wall to the west of 10" is now cutting me off from leaving.

I am new at solo touring, don't have a good gauge for the temperatures, terrain, etc... I have a fully loaded bike, with full gear to camp/bike touring, and have enough information and knowledge to know what I am doing now, except planning routes and weather. I have been trying to get out of here for 2 weeks now and getting stuck behind storms and a bit scared to try and ride across the Rockies now via bike because of some of the temperatures now.

I was hoping to head out to the West Coast and utilize the weather while acclimating and seeing which direction I want to go. I am thinking that I would like to be in the North West by spring to explore that region up there. I might end up just heading up to Oregon for the winter to try and find a place to stay until that point.

I don't want to be in the cold and trying to survive in it either. I have gear that will take me down to freezing, but I don't want to test the limits and/or stay in that kind of weather. I am in Denver right now and need to get out with plans to leave tomorrow morning or Tuesday.

I have been looking at this stuff:

and I am utilizing that information, haphazardly, last minute, with no real gauge on expectations, and trying to see if I can catch up with a point on those maps and still be safe with the weather and comfortable to ride/survive. Instead of going west, I was thinking I should just head directly south, and see if I can catch the 66 bike trail down by Albuquerque, and then head due west from that point.

I was looking at your maps and I think the Great Divide wouldn't be an option at this point in time because of elevations and the like, so I assume I can't ride that out of here from Denver with weather. So I would have to look for bike routes along the front range that doesn't go up into elevation and the rocky mountains at time of writing. Is that correct assumptions?

If I go due south towards Colorado Springs, Sante Fe, etc...via roads, and then catch the 66 bike route, will I be safe with weather? What can I expect along those routes until I can get to Arizona and warmer weather?

Is the Grand Canyon still safe to visit, go past, etc... this time of year with weather?

I was thinking that I can go that route, or at this point, it's a Amtrak to Sacramento, and then just ride out from there, which is what I am thinking of doing the most now. I can get an Amtrak for $200 with bike fee, but I have a lot of gear and a 29er bike, which when all broken down, I am concerned about getting all that stuff on a train. 29er bike, 4 20 liter panniers, frame bag, back pack, and me. I never traveled this way, and I know from reading enough it's a gamble with trains at times.

I have everything I need...just need ideas on the safest route out. Money is always tight and I don't have a lot of flexibility with other options. I also put up a post on Craiglist rideshares looking for ride to the other side of the storm or west coast for myself and bike, but nothing yet.

If it was warmer weather, I would just ride out and head due west from Denver, and then go south along the west side of the state to see more, but not with this weather now. The weather is the only thing that has me concerned and I waited too long to get out of here for the year via bike I think.

Any advice??

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