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Gear Talk / Anyone Familiar with the Trek 520?
« on: October 13, 2020, 08:36:35 pm »
Greetings members,
This post regards a 2010 Trek 520 with all stock equipment (Avid Single Digit 5 brakes and 700c rims) that needs some parts and outfitting for touring. This is the redesigned frame profile with sloped top tube - root beer brown - which preceded the disc brake versions. Although riding at present is relegated to NYC commuting the plan is to eventually tour.

The brakes don't have inline barrel adjusters. I need to put in new cabling all around and would like to introduce them ... I've heard mention of noodles with built in adjusters or inline barrel adjusters. Any experience/opinions on this?
I'd also like to add an interrupter brake lever for the front brake (at least for city use) as I'm virtually always gripping the top of the bars. Any issue with doing that on this bike's brake system?
FYI, ordered Kool Stop brake pads to replace worn out stock pads.

I'd like swap tires to Schwalbe Marathon Supremes in the foreseeable future and go with as wide a tire that will fit the stock rims/frame to dip my toes in the compliant tire scene, hoping this will tame the NYC streets a touch and also make longer rides more enjoyable vs. the stock rubber.  This is also an area where I've not been able to find any reliable info even though I've inquired off and on for several months (and Schwalbe's nomenclature only complicates matters): what's the widest size of the current production Schwalbe Marathon Supremes that will fit this bikes frame and stock rims? Note, Schwalbe seems to have redesigned both this tire and it's sizing in very recent years so size info that's not up to date may not apply?

Schwalbe currently sells these sizes:
32-622 (700 x 32C)
37-622 (700 X 35C)
42-622 (700 x 40C)

Looking for good fitting full fenders front and rear, lightweight.
Any suggestions?

Also, the stock rack besides being to rickety isn't cutting it as it doesn't support the full width of the panniers (Back Rollers) so the latter swing around into the spokes ... already had this happen a few times and it's chewed up the plastic lower bar on the left pannier. 

I'd like to use the Tubus Evo on the rear as it seems solid and well liked.
Which front Tubus front rack would work best with this bike and Ortlieb Sport Rollers?

I'd like to swap them for something durable, comfortable, yet grippy enough. I've only road in tennis shoes.

Thanks so much for any advice, suggestions, or observations!

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