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Gear Talk / Salsa Cutthroat vs. Co-Motion Cascadia
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:42:45 pm »
I've narrowed my search for a new ride to the Salsa Cutthroat gravel bike and the Co-Motion Cascadia touring bike.  They both have a pretty long wheelbase, which I like for handling and keeping my big feet from hitting rear panniers.  I like the weight of the Cutthroat, but the Cascadia isn't that much heavier; maybe 3 or 4 lbs. from what I understand.

I want a multi-purpose bike, from touring across the country in a few years to dirt roads and occasional trails.  The decision I'm wrestling with is this:  tour with a true gravel bike that can handle the weight (I believe the Salsa can do that), or bomb some dirt roads / trails by putting a wider tire on a touring bike.  If I go with the Salsa, I'd probably use a smoother 40-42mm tire.  If the Co-Motion, I might crank the tire up to 38 or so.

Any suggestions based on experience?  Links below.
Thanks, Tim

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