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General Discussion / TransAm Bike Route Questions 2021
« on: April 07, 2021, 09:29:35 pm »
I am hoping someone can answer a few questions for me about the TransAm bike route. I'm a disabled Veteran with Parkinson's disease and have a medical appointment June 10th so I cannot leave until June 11th at earliest. In 2017 I backpacked the Appalachian trail from GA to ME in 5.5 months. In 2018 I biked Route 66 from Santa Monica CA to St. Louis MO then hoped on 40 and made my way to the GAP & C&O trails to DC. In 2019 I biked across Upper Michigan and hiked across as well. 2020 was filled with short trips all over the place. So I have experience in long distance biking and hiking but have a few questions about this route...

1. I plan on doing 70-80 mile days except through the mountains where I'm hoping to get 60 miles per day. Is there ample stores, gas stations, etc. along the TransAm route to get food and drinks regularly? Or should I carry 2 or so days worth in case?

2. Is it better to go East Bound or West Bound? I went East Bound on Route 66 and had strong headwinds the entire time it seemed, but the TransAm is further north so assuming different winds.

3. Are there plenty of hostels, campgrounds, or stealth camping options along this route?

4. I'm riding my ICE Adventure recumbent trike. Is there room on this route for a trike?

5. This might sound unimportant but is there decent cellular service along this route? I blog my trips on my own website as often as possible.

I would appreciate any tips, tricks, and advice anyone has for me on the TransAm Bike Route. I already purchased the route maps and GPX downloads for this trip.

Thanks in advance for your time and answers. Feel free to email me if you want about the trip. Also If anyone wants to ride with me that would be awesome.

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