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Connecting ACA Routes / Linking NYC/Chicago to Bicycle Route 66
« on: October 07, 2021, 10:44:49 am »
Hi Experienced Touring Cyclists,
I live close to Boston. Am a Vegan endurance triathlete. Have not completed a multi-day ride beyond 3 consecutive days. Planning to buy/use ACA maps to ride from NYC to Chicago and link to Bicycle Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica (my son lives in L.A.). Bike and gear still to be chosen.
NYC to Chicago - ACA's departure recommendation is Mid Spring to Mid Fall.
Bicycle Route 66 -  ACA's departure recommendation is Mid April  OR   Mid August.
Seems to me I should leave NYC end of July to meet ACA's recommendation for a Mid August start on Bicycle Route 66.
Have any of you completed this route East to West like I'm planning?
If so, would appreciate any advice regarding departure timing, traffic issues, camping or motels, weather, ACA's bike navigator app, your navigational tools, basically anything you wished you had known b4 your trip.
I'm super excited to be in the planning stages.

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