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General Discussion / Best SIM card provider for Oregan/Idaho?
« on: May 07, 2022, 06:58:11 am »
Hi, I'm starting the TAT in Florence and need to buy a pre-paid SIM for when I arrive. I've heard a few options but what may be the best data/phone providers for the first few stages? I plan on buying monthly plans, buying the best option for the region each time.


General Discussion / USA Specific Safety Tips, ie Wildlife, Crime etc.
« on: April 22, 2022, 02:08:35 pm »
Hi all, I'm from the UK and I'll be cycling the TAT West-East starting July. My logistics and planning is largely sorted.

I do, however, need advice relating to personal safety, which is harder to find. This means what to watch out for in terms of wildlife and potential dangerous animals, camping, food prep/storage, and (sadly) bike/personal safety against thieves and scumbags. I imagine it will vary state to state and may change seasonally.

Any other tips from experienced USA citizens and travellers welcome too!

TIA! I will add any advice to my notes :)

General Discussion / In UK, looking to buy/borrow TAT hard maps
« on: April 19, 2022, 12:49:11 pm »
Hi, just wondering if there's anyone in the UK who has ridden/used the TAT hard maps and might be willing to lend/sell/part with them?

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / GPS or ACA app, or both?
« on: April 19, 2022, 12:45:16 pm »
I'm based in the UK and I'm riding the Trans America Trail starting in July. I have downloaded the entire map set onto my phone and I'm very impressed, and it's already useful.
I don't ever use a GPS here in the UK when touring, I just use OSmaps, Google or my nose lol.
I'd rather not add to the pile of expensive things I've already bought, so my question is, would it be advised to use something else as well as/to back up my phone and the ACA maps?


General Discussion / TAT and mental health
« on: January 25, 2022, 04:58:50 am »
Hi all, 34 y.o. UK cyclist here, at  joined recently to help gain some helpful info regarding a trip I am planning west-east starting early/mid July.
Despite being well above average fitness, a lover of adventure and extreme sports, and a lifelong cyclist, I suffer with bipolar 2 disorder and most notably chronic, often severe insomnia. The last few years have been havoc as a result and had almost torn my life down completely.

A big part of me wanting to do such a trip (solo) is to prove to myself I can still accomplish a lot and I am, in fact, an able person, even if 90% of the time my self-esteem is non-existent.
I would also like to raise money for the local cycling charity that I work for.

My question now is:
Am I naive to think I could actually complete such a huge journey alone in the space of 3 months? My self-doubt is like a roller coaster and it’s so hard to gauge. With adequate sleep i am certain I would be able. However this is not always possible for me, even with meds etc.
Half the people I know say “great, amazing, good for you” etc, the other half “Tom, I really don’t think you should be doing this”.
Currently, I’m a bit lost and overwhelmed. I dream of completing adventures like this. I want to prove it to myself but I am so full of doubt currently and feel like an idiot for even contemplating it for the last 3–4 months.

Apologies for probably sounding like a basket case!

TIA :)

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