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Routes / camping on the Northern Tier
« on: May 23, 2022, 09:56:59 am »
Hi all,

Back with another NT question! I have started booking my first couple of campgrounds and have already hit a snag. I knew weekends were going to be a problem, but there's nothing available for the weekend at any of the campgrounds I can find around Rockport/Diablo (Colonial Creek North and South) and no hotels or Warm Showers hosts I can locate. I assume this has been an increasing challenge as camping's popularity has spiked over the last couple of years. What are other folks doing in this area, and any suggestions? Is anyone staying in Colonial Creek that weekend and interested in sharing a site?


Routes / bear safety on the Northern Tier
« on: May 13, 2022, 09:27:14 am »
Hello all!

I am riding a modified NT route June-August, and I am wondering what folks do for bear protection. I have a bear vault, but I haven't seen anyone else mention using them in blogs and posts here (though I may have missed it); I'm wondering if this is because all the campgrounds in bear country have bear boxes or the bear vaults on loan. I was thinking to carry it Washington through the UP and then send it home, but maybe it'd be useful again in the VT/NH area? Also, do folks generally carry bear spray? I'd love any insights, helpful thoughts, comments, and feedback.

Thanks in advance!


Routes / Northern Tier Map 3
« on: February 10, 2022, 01:56:40 pm »
Hello all!

I'm planning a Northern Tier ride this summer, and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts/insights about the 2020 edition of Map 3 that routes from Cut Bank to Circle (south of Fort Peck lake) instead of going north of Forth Peck Lake to Wolf Point and dropping down to Circle, MT. Is there a major advantage to the new route over Cut Bank to Wolf Point and down to Circle? I ask because all the blogs I am reading for pre-2020 rides indicate decent density of amenities on that route, while the map makes the southern route look pretty sparse amenity-wise.

Thank you!

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