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General Discussion / Bear safe food storage
« on: May 09, 2022, 06:52:49 am »
I am from the UK planning a slow trip along the Great Divide in the summer/fall. Have read some guidance on bear safe food/other storage while camping in places without food boxes, but am looking for recommendations for the best set up. Cannisters look too heavy and bulky, so considering dry bags, possibly with "smell proof" liners such as Opsacs, ideally hung between trees or if necessary stashed a long way from the camp. Reason to consider Dry bags instead say of say Ursac bags is cost, weight and the ability to repurpose the dry bags outside bear territory. Coming from UK , so we are pretty clueless about bears apart form the obvious guidance that out there. Also best way to avoid surprising bears on the trail, eg shouting/bells at corners. In some parts of Europe people sing, but I just don't see the happening to maintain the sanity of my biking partner!

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