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General Discussion / I intend to do the GDMBR next summer on an e bike
« on: September 03, 2022, 11:35:37 pm »
Hello fellow bicyclists. My name is Pierre, this is my first post here at ACA forums.  The subject is probably a hot button. I am prepared for that.  I am by no means new to bicycling forums and could have posted this elsewhere but here seems the most fitting place for me to post.
There is not much information out there on remote off-road touring on an e bike.  Most of the information involving e bikes center around credit card touring on pavement with most days less than 50 miles. That is all right, but it does not excite me.
A little about me: I am 67, grew up in Northern Michigan I have a dual degree in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering MTU and I am a master machine builder. I am no stranger to e bikes having designed and built many of them.  So why am I doing this. Simple, I am a master problem solver and doing the GDMBR on an e bike with my criterion chosen is a wicked problem that excites me. I have been working on this trip for the last three years.
The Criterion:
a.)  To do the trip unsupported and without a generator or caching supplies
b.)  Mostly remote necessitating mostly camping options
c.)  Not run out of battery even once.
d.)  Minimal or no hike-a-bike
e.)  Take my dog with me (A 2Kg poodle)
f.)  Do the trip with good dispatch (time frame)
g.) Complete the trip on the original e bike
h.) Do the trip in relative comfort

About that last one.  "Relative comfort" to me means for all practical purposes- preventing high lactic acid buildup in muscles, a lack of severe fatigue and avoid paying high medical deductibles.    It does not mean staying dry, avoiding insects, bears, rain, hot weather, cold weather dust, dirt, lack of showers, bad roads, bad drivers and a whole host of other issues that go along with being out in the elements.

I am to the point in planning a prep where I do believe it is no possible to meet the criterion on a real e bike. I intent to document the trip very well, including charging options along the way
I don't know it all and I will very likely be asking some questions on gear, packing and best practices.

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