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SR 140 is closed for a bridge replacement between SR 815 (Guffie) and SR 81 (Glenville), 2.2 miles east of SR 815. The closure is well signed with a detour posted for both EB and WB travel.

Upon the advice of a local, I took a chance and was able to ride through on Oct 21, 2022 (didn't even need to dismount). The new concrete bridge deck is in place, but the surface isn't finished/graded and the guardrails aren't yet in place. It was also late enough in the day that no work crews were on site.

As a bonus, there was no other traffic on this 5 mile stretch.

No guarantees you'll have the same experience or that this is a safe option, but hopefully this can help any other late-season travelers like me still out there on the TransAm.

On map panels 56 & 57, the road from the west edge of Jeffrey City, then extending 9 miles to the west, is very difficult to travel by bicycle (at least with road tires).

The road was open when I came through but was milled in the past week. The grooves are in a pattern similar to an asterisk (parallel, perpendicular, and diagonal to the road). It's like rolling on high-density rumble strips laid down in 4 different directions. Tires get twisted in every direction as they fall into multi-directional grooves. Road markings are missing.

Locals said a new surface will be in place in October, then there will be chip and seal work in the spring.

My hands went numb every mile or so trying to control the bicycle.

It doesn't look like there's an alternate route. Use extreme caution, be prepared for closures, and be mentally ready for a very slow section that may include walking (on a stretch of the route that is already quite remote).

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