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General Discussion / West to East coast tandem tour with hotels?
« on: November 29, 2022, 06:14:22 pm »
My wife and I are beginning to look into planning a cross country (US) tandem trip from the West Coast to the East Coast. We rode from the Canadian border to our house in Los Angeles this summer (2022) and had a great trip. It was 1,750 miles in total, but we were able to plan the route in a way that allowed us to stay in hotels the entire trip. Our longest day was 80 miles and we rode a few days as little as 35 miles.

Is it possible to plan a route across the US that has hotels & motels spaced closely enough to accomplish this, assuming that we prefer distances of 50-70 miles per day, but can do 100-110 miles if there's no other option as long as it's not also a ton of climbing.

Looking at the ACA routes, I can see that they have several cross-country routes available, but it's not clear to me that they include stops where there will be motels/hotels or just camping options.

Thanks for any help you can offer...


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