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In the last 9 months have completed most of Northern Peru, criss-crossed the passes between Chile and Argentina down to Ushuaia, in the Andes mountain routes and often in the 14K to 16K ft elevation range.

Am thinking of the GDMBR but am curious if anyone has done these S. American routes and how it compares to the GDMBR ?

General Discussion / COPA Airlines Bicycle fee $177
« on: June 02, 2024, 03:24:12 pm »
Been doing some international bike touring and feel like COPA Airlines charges quite a bit for bicycle fee.  When I bought ticket online and checked out their website about sports luggage etc, no mention of the $177 fee.  Bike box was 22Kg (under < 23kg limit), Lima Peru back to USA. 

2023 Dec LATAM charged me $80 for bicycle fee from Santiago Chile back to USA and their charge was indicated on their website .  I have no issue with upfront disclosures.

The rain these last few days has in New England states is causing quite a bit of disruption.

I am stuck in Woodstock VT ,due to the storms,  and was going to hit Kancamagus hwy in NH and then join up with the Remaining  Northern Tier section 11, going west to east. Quite a few road closures,  mud slides and flooding not being reflected in the online reports. Am contemplating abandoning section 11 and riding south of the white mountains in NH towards Portland ME

Also low end motels (< $150) appear to not have vacancies.

If you are about to embark on section 11 in New England states, it is very wet and IMO, online weather reporting is not sufficiently reflective of the real conditions.

General Discussion / Stranded in panguitch, UT
« on: May 22, 2023, 11:07:11 pm »
I am doing the western express route and a chain link has cracked. So I am now stuck in panguitch, UT.

The lbs put on a brand new chain before I started tour, so I didn't think to bring extra links or chain.

I've reached out to the bike shops in the area,  Parowan and Cedar City, UT but they don't deliver parts.

Is there anyone in the area that is willing to pickup a 8 speed chain with a couple of extra links and deliver to me at motel in panguitch?  I will pay.

My bike is a Giant Escape 3 with a shimano 3 x 8 drive train, if that helps.  I am capable of installing the chain and have the chain tool.

Thank you.

Considering a trip starting in the next few weeks, east bound on the Western Express. 

Or can food be put in a stuff sack on a tree?

If you've done this route, what would you suggest?


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