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Hi Cycling Community,

My friend and I are graduate students in Environmental Management and are looking to complete our "internship" requirement by biking across the country this coming summer. We are searching for ways to best sell this trip as a professional, internship-like endeavor. My question for you all is, are there any ideas anyone may have for how to pitch this trip? Some ideas we've come up with are (the first 3 are definitely the forerunners as of now):

- Interview folks along the way about their connection to place and their environment
- Do a podcast on our journey
- Write a blog/vlog about the trip
- Follow & document localized environmental protests happening along the route
- Document environmental organizations along the way & maybe help in some small capacity
- Interview alumni from our school, documenting the work they do

Please let me know if you can help in this regard, and if not, if you know of any organizations or people we can speak to about this.

Would very much appreciate any help whether in regards to trails to take, people to speak to, organizations to correspond with, etc.


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