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General Discussion / Hello, I'm coming
« on: April 17, 2023, 07:03:38 am »
Hello my new friends, first of all sorry for my really poor english ::) ::)
I'm writing from Italy, I'm 63 years old and at last, after three years of waiting, next may 26th I'll start for the trip of my life: an attempt to solo coast to coast from Asbury Park NY, to San Francisco.
I began to think about this trip since 2008, after my "Mille Miglia Italia", a thousand miles randonnee, but my job was too immersive :'( :'( and i had to put away my hope. In 2017 I decided I could do the big step in 2020, and at the beginning of that year everything was ready (included Aca inscription and Aca Maps 8) 8)), but Covid 19 broken my dream.
Now I'm just retired and I'm ready to start, :D :D my flight will land in New York May 26th.
If it's not a disturb for you, in the next days I will write some questions, or doubts, or problems to solve, and if someone of you will have answers or ideas or suggestion, I'll be very grateful. ;) ;)

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