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After a lot of research, many years of experience and great help from the bicycle touring community, I finally finished this series of articles about bicycle touring tents. This guide is a compilation of 7 articles to help you choose the right tent for bicycle-camping; you will also find a detailed list of all the different features and options available out there and a lot of tips and tricks on how to use the tent, maintain it, fix it and much more.

All 7 articles can be found on this link: Guide: How to choose the right tent?

And these are the different sub-topics you will find in this guide:

 How to choose the right bicycle touring tent (Features and options)?

 Tips and tricks when using your tent

 How to make your tent last many years longer

 Free-standing tents VS. Tunnel tents

 Why do I need a good tent? Which are the best brands?

 Understanding waterproof coating and ratings (# in mm) on tent fabrics

 Bivies / Hammocks / Tarps: A lighter alternative to tents

I hope some of you will find it useful. Please, feel free to leave any kind of comment.


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