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General Discussion / Newbie with bunch of questions!
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:46:03 am »
Hello. I am thinking about taking a trip from Yorktown, Virginia to San Fran, California beginning in January 2010. I plan on camping throughout the trip and do a lot of hiking.

I was wondering if anyone who has done the trans-continental trip solo has advice for absolutely necessary clothing, gear, food, amount of $$, etc. I plan on doing a lot of fishing for food, and working odd jobs along the route to pay for meals. Any advice on super cheap meals, places to eat, free food? What about incredible hiking and camping on the route? Or just amazing scenery, old indian ruins, historical must sees... really anything worth seeing. I am graduating college and want to take this trip before marrying my fiance in June.

I know the west and midwest fairly well in terms of places to see (yosemite, muir woods, death valley, grand canyon, 14ers in colorado, etc.) east and central I'm lost. ANY and all help appreciated.

Whats the weather like during january and february out east? What stuff in the Apalachian mountains should I visit? I'll keep doing my homework, but first hand knowledge and experience is always best.

Any recommended books would be great too. Alright, thanks guys.

 Josh from Denver, CO
 Hiker, Camper, Snowboarder, Runner, Cyclist.

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