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Gear Talk / Rain Shell Recommendation
« on: September 14, 2022, 09:33:22 pm »
I’m looking for a rain shell for warm weather use, and having no luck. Can anyone offer suggestions?
- Size must be tall, XL.  Back length at least 33”.  I have a long torso and arms.
- Hooded.
- Unlined, or with a light mesh lining.  I have a lined raincoat for cooler weather.
- Hi-vis color. (Why would anyone ever buy a raincoat in dark colors?)

Tall sizing is the glitch.  I ended up making my own merino jersey, couldn’t find a tall for love or money.  I don’t need another project.

General Discussion / Maps Provided
« on: December 17, 2021, 04:42:30 pm »
I’m registered for a self supported AC tour next year.  In the “Before You Go” information, it says that maps are provided to the rider.  Are we given the choice of paper or digital maps?  I’m very much a paper map guy…

I’ve only taken one short AC tour, which was a new route so they gave us copied hardcopy maps.  I’m wondering what they do on an epic tour with an established map set.

General Discussion / Trans Am nights with power in camp
« on: October 14, 2021, 09:28:12 pm »
I’m riding the Trans Am Westward AC tour next year.  How many nights will our camps not have power for recharging stuff?

I’m not taking a lot of electronics, basically a smart phone, helmet lights and perhaps a handheld amateur radio.  But I’m looking into feasibility of taking a battery powered CPAP machine.  The whole idea seems problematic, and I can do ok without it.  If there are a lot of nights without power, the CPAP would be a non-starter.

Will there be a lot of powerless nights? 

General Discussion / Membership profile question
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:10:24 pm »
I couldn’t find this info on the Members website.  The forums don’t have a “website” topic area either.  So I ask here.

1. I could update my profile, but it doesn’t give me a place to modify the additional name associated with my membership.
2. I could not find contact info.  I went through all branches of the dialogs.

I spent 15 minutes looking, it was annoying.

Gear Talk / Hot Drink Mug in Bottle Cage
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:27:27 pm »
As a former cycle commuter and devotee of my morning coffee, I am constantly looking for travel mugs that fit in a standard water bottle cage and can be operated with one hand.  My Contigo Aria (the older model offered in the US, not the one from Europe/Australia) is pretty beat up after almost 20 years of use.  I've tried finding new old stock or used, no good.  Replacement tops seem to be gone too.

Requirements: 70mm diameter, top tapers down a little to fit under the cage "finger", one hand operation.  Prefer 450ml/16oz capacity.

I am aware that there are other types and sizes of bottle holders, but I don't want to replace all of the cages on any of the 10 bikes, and buy a fleet of new bottles.

There are a number of them that are just a bit too big.  Using them would stretch out the cage so water bottles would be a loose fit.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Classifieds / FS: Hennessy Hammock Explorer XL
« on: July 31, 2020, 12:31:04 pm »
Henessey camping hammock, Explorer model, size XL. VGC. Makes for a very comfortable sleep, easy to set up or strike. No ground pad needed. Easy bottom entry that stays dry in the rain.

See manufacturer description here:

Used perhaps 20 times. Including a pair of adapter straps and two short poles, to use the fly alone if there is nothing to hang the hammock from.

For pictures, please go to

$75 plus shipping from 14522.

The O'Neil Rd. bridge, on the east side of the hamlet of Macedon, is closed to all use for repairs.  (This bridge was previously closed to motor vehicles but open to cyclists and pedestrians.  It is now closed to all users.)  Per the Wayne County Highway Dept. website, it is scheduled to be closed until November 30, 2020.

A detour is posted between NY 31F/350 (@Lock 30) and O'Neil Rd.  The detour uses NY highways 31F and 31.  The detour only adds about 0.2 mile to the route.

Routes / Google Maps Street View on Trails?
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:53:15 pm »
I was just poking around and found some trails in Chicagoland that actually had street views of trails or multiuse paths.  I wasn't aware that was being done!  Are they hiring cyclists to video bike trails?  Where do I sign up?

The Erie Canal Trail is closed in the vicinity of East Hernietta Rd. (NY 15A).  The trail is closed for replacement of the highway bridge which the trail passes under.  There is a posted detour on streets with moderate traffic.

The detour is scheduled to continue into the fall of 2017.

ACA Mobile Route Apps / App Download process and update plans
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:30:21 am »
The whole concept is the way to go.  Thanks for your work on this tool.  I do have some questions.

First, I think I have downloaded the app.  There was no choice on the Apple App Store for just downloading the app, but it appears to have downloaded OK by selecting an actual route.  I'll be downloading the free route segment to try it out.  If this isn't how you download the app, please advise.

Second, what is AC's plan on updating the online maps and associated information?  You're certainly capable of rolling in changes right away, perhaps after verifying them.  Will the information in the Addenda for paper maps be folded into the online maps, in a timely manner?  This is really a work process question, but the process is always more important than the tool.

Third, THANK YOU for including a real Help section.  So many tablet apps have no help, no manuals, and no contact capability.  (Or its poor cousin, relying on other users in a forum for user assistance.)  You're expected to intuit how it works, and sometimes it isn't intuitive - these people make me nuts, and I refuse to use their apps.  You have a brief but apparently complete how-to, backed up by this forum.  Good job.

Fourth, will the downloaded sections align with the paper map sections, and carry the same numbering?  It would be poor form not to.  I think I saw that the sections download, just wondering if you'll  be carrying the same identifying map and section numbers.

Finally, it is my intention to purchase the Northern Tier sections that I have occasion to use.  Any idea when they'll be released?

There is a short detour on the canal trail, around a construction site at Hulberton, NY.  This is between Albion and Holley, NY.  Conveniently, a local road runs parallel to the canal trail, so it's just a hop off and hop back on for the trail.

The project is expected to take "several weeks".

The canal has a minor breach which has to be fixed before it becomes a major breach.  It will require draining the canal to fix.  The canal will be drained for a long stretch, between Albion and Brockport.  You'll get to see the canal drained, as locals do each winter.

The trail is closed for three miles west of Macedon, NY.  The closure is between Wayneport Rd. and NY 350.  This closure is due to bridge replacement and trail improvements at Canandaigua Rd.  This project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2016.

I've inquired of DOT as to how long the closure will be in effect, and whether a detour will be posted.  I'll update here when they respond.

The bridge construction also changes access to a commercial campground, Twilight on the Erie RV Resort.  The resort may still be accessed by detouring on the south side of the canal using NY 31.  Detouring to the north using Quaker Rd. will not give you access to this campground.  This facility has tent camping and two cabins, and RV parking if you're sagged.

Free camping at the hiker/biker site, at Lock 30 in Macedon, should still be available.

The Franklin Falls bridge is scheduled to be closed for two weeks in July 2014.

- AC's Whiteface Mountain Alternative, which is longer but has less climbing.
- Connect Lake Placid with Bloomingdale via NY 86 and NY 3, shorter than the main route
- Connect Lake Placid with Lake Clear via NY 86 and Forest Home Rd., shorter yet

I'd recommend the Whiteface Mountain Alternative; this bit of road along Franklin Falls Pond is amazingly beautiful.  The second and third choices are good if your schedule doesn't allow extra distance.

The Erie Canalway Trail is under rehab between Pittsford and Fairport, NY.  This is on Northern Tier.  Construction is to last through 2014.  Per Canal Corp. press release, sections will be closed only as necessary.  I don't know if detours will be posted, but I'm presuming not.  A reasonable alternate route is to use NY 31, Ayrault Road and Turk Hill Road.

Routes / Canal Trail, Rochester NY
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:04:47 pm »
The Northern Tier uses the Erie Canal Trailway from Lockport NY eastward to Palmyra NY.  The section from western Rochester to Pittsford is paved, and suffers from an ongoing problem that comes and goes: tree roots causing sharp bumps in the pavement/tarmac.  Unlike a rail trail, canal trails are not lined with deep ditches and built on soil that was polluted for decades with coals from steam locomotive fireboxes; they are on good dirt with minimal drainage and lots of water nearby.  Thus, the trees actively grow roots and cause upheavals in the pavement.  (This is not a problem on the unpaved parts.)

When the pavement gets too bumpy the Canal Corporation scares up some money and repaves it.  This alternates as sections get bumpy.  Right now, one section has gotten bumpy enough that you need to exercise caution: between Kendrick Road and East Henrietta Road.  I would still recommend using the canal trail, but watch your speed and avoid the bumps if you can.

The road alternative over this part of the trail, NY Bike 5, is a horrible route.  It uses Elmwood Avenue and Monroe Avenue, both of which have no bike lane and four lanes of medium-to-heavy traffic.  Drivers on western Elmwood, around Strong Hospital, seem to always be impatient and intolerant of bikes.  So stay on the trail, but stay on your toes.

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