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Gear Talk / compact double or triple for low gears?
« on: July 19, 2005, 06:15:42 am »
Hey folks,

Due to my love of hills (and a recent tour with a loaded trailer), I added a 11-34 cassette and XT derailleur to my (52-42-30 triple) road bike - giving me a low low 23.2 gear inches according to Sheldon Brown's gear calculator. Well that bike has since been stolen, and now I'm looking for a replacement. I'll most likely buy a FELT bike because I get a very nice discount. The two bikes I'm considering are:

The F70 -- comes with a FSA Gossamer triple (53-42-30) crankset, a 9s 12-25 cassette, 105 shifters and derailleurs, and KMC Z9900 chain. This set-up gives me a low of 34.3 gear inches

The F55 -- comes with a FSA SL-K compact double (50-34) crankset, a 10s 11-23 cassette, Duran-Ace shifters and derailleurs, and DX10 chain. This set-up gives me a low of 38.8 gear inches. If I switch to a 10s 13-29, I get down to a 30.8. I'm not sure if this set up requires me to change out anything else (the rear derailleur, bottom bracket, etc.?). OR, Can I use a 9s 11-34 with the compact crankset? IF I can, that gives me a low of 26.3 gear inches. Not sure how 9s vs. 10s thing works........

I like the F70 for the fact it has the triple and I can change out the cassette and rear derailleur to be like my old bike. I also like that it's inexpensive.

I like the F55 because it has better components (DuraAce) and a carbon seat post. But, I've heard that the 50-34 compact crankset has problems shifting. Anyone know about this?

I don't race (but would love to increase my speed), I like hills, and I like long distances. I plan on doing a U.S. tour next June/July.

Which of the above bikes and set-ups seem optimal?

General Discussion / smaller ring for touring?
« on: May 10, 2005, 07:20:45 am »
Hi folks,

I'm planning on riding to Santa Barbara late spring (mid June). I have a 52-42-30 triple chainring. I'm wondering if I should switch the third ring to a 24 tooth ring. I'll be carrying a loaded (35lbs?) trailer behind me.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


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