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General Discussion / what about cheap Walmart bikes?
« on: May 10, 2010, 09:39:03 pm »
i'll do a 3000 miles trip this summer and because it costs 200$ if i want to bring my own bike from France; i decided that i'll buy it in the US.
I visited Walmart website and i've seen some bicycle which looks nice for nearly 150$.
We can have in France quite good bicycle for this price but what do you think about those of walmart?
Do you advise me to buy it in other stores? (i don't want to spend more than 200$ because i won't bring it back to home).

General Discussion / Do we have to book for campings during summer?
« on: March 30, 2010, 05:22:02 am »
Do we have to book for campings during summer?

Hello; i'll will travel this summer from denver to San francisco. Starting in denver i'll join the transamerica until portland crossing  wyoming, montana and then oregon; then i'll follow the pacific coast to reach San francisco .

I'll start on the 15 th june and will arrive on the 15 th August.
I'll bring with me a tent.
Do you know if i need to book for camping sites?
Do you know if there are some reserved sites for bikers?
Do you know if it's possible to sleep outside of camping sites?.

Sorry for my english (i'm French)
Thanks for your answers.

Hi; I'm from France and i'd like to cross the northern part of the US starting my trip from Chicago with the aim to reach SF in about 2 months.
I think i'll start it at the begining of August.
My questions are the following; which road do you advise me? (i'd like to cross Wyoming which seems to be great).
Is that possible (and allowed) to sleep in a tent next to the road or in forest?
Can you advise me a nice cycling road guide or map thatt it is possible to buy on the net (amazon for instance)?
Do you advise me to do a totally different travel which could be much greater? (actually i just need to reach San francisco; don't really care of my starting point; just need an international airport).

Thanks for all; do not hesitate to give me other nice informations.

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