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Gear Talk / Road Training/Touring Bike--Tricross Sport?
« on: March 30, 2010, 12:22:02 am »
Hi there--

I've ridden a 1999 Trek 5000 (All carbon fiber speed demon racing bike--what Lance won the '99 Tour de France on) for the past two years as a training/pure road fun speed bike.  However, this summer I will be needing a bike which can handle panniers.  The 5000, while it's pretty much the most fun I can imagine is possible on two wheels, wont serve my purposes very well at all.  Because I am on a limited budget (Probably 1500 MAX) I have been looking to sell the Trek and find a bike which will better suit my needs.  I'm looking for a bike which can handle panniers as well as some road riding and training rides--in the near-ish future, I may be looking to get into more touring, starting with some unsupported rides from Maine to NH, then Maine to Mass, and (possibly) next summer working my way up to crossing the US.  Interestingly, I came across the Specialized Tricross Sport, a bike which at first glance might be able to suit all of my needs in the foreseeable future.  If I were to get a tricross sport and an extra wheelset, I could have one set of wheels for touring/commuting with the knobby tires on them and then a wheelset with some road slicks on it for my pure road/training rides.  What are ya'll's thoughts on this idea?  Am I crazy?  How does the Tricross do with panniers and touring?  Is it comfy enough?  What else should I know about this bike?  What other bikes should I be looking at?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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