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General Discussion / Loaded Weight
« on: September 14, 2006, 08:09:59 pm »
I plan to restart my one week cycle tour from Baltimore to western Maryland and back.  My first start was aborted after my old tent failed during a heavy rain the first night out.

I repacked and inventoried my bags in attempt to reduce the load weight.  Because of my route, I need to carry some food with me, hence I have about 5 lb. of food packed into the panniers. Still, my total load including a compact tripod is 59 lb.  This is not even close to Adventure Cycling suggested load weight of 35-45 lb., p91. 27th Edition, 2006.  I have packed less "stuff" than the article suggests.

My inventory is a follows:

Right Front Pannier  Ortlieb Front Roller Classic

1.   Orikaso Fold Flat Tableware  2 plates, 1 bowl, 1 cup
2.   Mess kit  GSI Bugaboo
3.   Food  prepared freezer bags of granola, cookies, Bisquick  1.5 lb.
4.   Route Maps  4 oz.
5.   Cliff Bars - 4
6.   Granola Bars - 8
7.   Olive oil  4 oz.
8.   Peanut Butter  18 oz. Plastic jar
9.   Dish towel
10.   Cooking spatula

Front Right Pannier Pocket

1.   Tire tube patch kits - 2
2.   Tire Talc  2 oz w/tin
3.   Small container machine screws and nuts
4.   Inner tubes - 2
5.   Small Mafac tool kit  circa 1982
6.   Allen wrenches assorted
7.   Tire pressure gauge
8.   Shop Rags  2

Weight RF Pannier w/pocket  11 lb.

Left Front Pannier  Ortlieb Front Roller Classic

1.   Peak 1 white gas stove  2 lb. 4 oz.
2.   Fuel Bottle  1 lb. 10 oz.
3.   Small Nylon Sack w/Msc. Items
a.   Matches
b.   AA Batteries  4
c.   AAA Batteries  4
d.   Opinel knife
e.   Swiss knife
f.   Vitamins, Band-aids, Ibuprofen tables

4.   Small nylon sack of toiletries
5.   Pancake syrup  4 oz. Bottle
6.   Plastic knives, forks, spoons  2 each
7.   Rain Pants
8.   Rain Anorak

Left Front Pannier Pocket

1.   Spare brake and F&R Deraileur cables
2.   Shop rag
3.   Toe clip strap
4.   Flashlight  Maglite; 2 AA batteries required
5.   Teflon Plus oil  4 oz.
6.   Tail Light  Cateye LED
7.   Head Light  Cateye LED
8.   Lg. Shower Caps for Brooks Leather saddle and cycling helmet

Left Front Pannier w/pocket  12.5 lb.

Right Rear Pannier  Ortlieb Rear Roller Classic

1.   Sleep pad  self-inflating ¾ length  1 lb. 2 oz.
2.   Freeze-dried raspberry crumble (treat)
3.   Light Flees cycling jacket
4.   Extra 1 qt. Ziploc freezer bags
5.   Small bag misc. items  electrical tape, Brooks proof hide, nylon tie-wraps
6.   Swim trucks - nylon
7.   Pair Underwear
8.   Cargo Trekking Shorts - nylon
9.   Long sleeve cycling jersey
10.   Polypropylene long sleeve tops  light weight fabric
11.   Bags pasta  2 X 4 oz.
12.   Aluminum Pot w/bail  < 1 qt.
13.   Bags of breakfast oatmeal in 1 qt. Freezer bags.  2 ea.
14.   Toilet paper  one roll
15.   Water bag.

Right Rear Pannier w/pocket - 9 lb

Left Rear Pannier  Ortlieb Rear Roller Classic

1.   Freeze-dried black beans and rice  1 pk.
2.   T-shirt  1
3.   Cycling jerseys  2
4.   Cycling tights  1
5.   Cycling shorts  3 pair
6.   Wool watch cap
7.   Nylon sack w/prepared meals  1.5 lb.
8.   Cycling soaks  3 pair
9.   Bandanas  2
10.   Med. Pack towels  2
11.   Wash cloth  1
12.   Powdered Milk  3.2 oz.
13.   Small red potatoes  4
14.   Fresh eggs  4
15.   Tea  4 oz. Loose tea
16.   Insect repellent

Left Rear Pannier  10 lb.

Rear Rack Pack  Ortlieb

1.   Tent  2-person  5.5 lb.
2.   Tent footprint cloth
3.   Sleeping bag
4.   Plastic bags  2 Lg.
5.   Nylon sack containing plastic garbage bags
6.   Cable bicycle lock
7.   Sun Screen  4 oz  hung from pack
8.   Sandals  hung from pack

Rear Rack Pack  12 lb.

Handlebar Bag  Ortlieb
1.   Camera  2 lb.
2.   Media cards
3.   IR filter
4.   ND filter
5.   Wallet  sm.
6.   Cell phone
7.   Camera battery charger
8.   Journal  small
9.   Map Case w/maps

Handlebar bag  3 lb.

Misc. Item

    1. Tripod  compact  1.5 lb.

Granted the Peak 1 stove is heavy at 2.25 lb and the camera weighs close to 2 lb.  Even if I leave out the food, purchase a lighter stove, don't carry the tripod and use a lighter camera, the load weight would be on the order of 50 lb.  After reading AC recommended list of clothing and equipment, etc.  I suspect the load weight of the items in the list would be on the order of 55-60 lb without food.

I image if you eat out all the time and stay in Motels, one could easily achieve a load weight of 35-45 lb.

I am interested in hearing from other touring cyclist who have weighed their gear before starting a tour.

See you on the Road,


General Discussion / Off-The-Road Campgrounds
« on: March 15, 2006, 12:49:57 pm »
When I crossed the Canadian Rockies in 1984, I was rather concerned about bears, hence made all by campgrounds every day.  Some days were rather long with an average daily mileage of 68 miles.  I am thinking about a tour next year following the Transamerica trail from Missouri to Richmond, VA then following the Atlantic Trail from Richmond to Baltimore, MD.

I am interested to learn where seasoned cycle tourist make camp.  I believe along the Adventure Cycling routes, campgrounds and city parks (w/permission) are the norm.  I have sometimes been tempted to just pull off the road and make camp in a secluded area.  I do not know if this is such a good idea, hence am interested in opinions from seasoned cycle tourist.

Thanks :),

Baltimore, MD

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