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Routes / Showers in Tonasket, WA
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:25:08 pm »
I was contacted, through my journal guestbook, by a city councilman from Tonasket, WA.. Tonasket is on the Northern Tier and is the town west of Wauconda Pass. He said the pool there is in bad shape and will be closed next year. He wanted to inform riders that showers are not going to be available at the pool.

When I stayed there in 2009 the pool had not yet opened for the season but you could get a shower at the laundromat for $3.75. While in Tonasket I camped at Shannon's Ice Cream Parlor and RV Park. At that time she had been hosting cyclists for 27 years.

So, I showered, did laundry and camped at an ice cream parlor. Life was very good that day!

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