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Classifieds / For Sale: Sun EZ-Sport AX Recumbent. $650 OBO. Ohio
« on: July 20, 2019, 10:09:14 am »
Hi.  I am near Akron, Ohio and have a very nice Sun EZ-Sport AX Recumbent for sale.  It's a great ride, shifts and breaks smoothly, fast and fun. Perfect for the tow-paths, roads, etc. It have 27 gears, a rear rack, and the tires are in great shape. 

Thanks for looking.   :)

Hello.  I am near Akron, Ohio and have two very nice tandems for sale. 

The Burley Duet tandem, made in Portland, OR USA. It's in great condition. All tuned up and ready to ride. Equipped with rear suspension seatpost, front and rear racks, Shimano STI shifter brakes, 27 speed, XTR rear derailleur, Continental tires, 700 wheels, and water bottle cages. The captain is a large/xl and the stoker a medium/small. It's a great bike, for touring, towpath, and road.

The Rock'n Roll, tandem in great condition. Tuned and ready to ride. Great for the tow-path. It is equipped with Softride rear suspension for the stoker, 24 speeds, Softride suspension handlebars, odometer, Continental tires, fenders, and a rear rack. Captain is size Medium and Stoker is medium/small.

Also have a Sun EZ-Sport AX recumbent for sale.  All these bikes are in great condition.

Thanks for looking.   :)

Classifieds / WTB: Great Divide maps
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:24:36 pm »
Hi there, anyone selling or willing to lend the great divide route maps?  im planning on doing the route this may if anyone wants to come along. peace.  email me at

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