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I'll be flying into Las Vegas from the UK in October for a 4 week tour.

I'd appreciate recommendations for somewhere to stay at the start and end of this tour.  Not after anywhere fancy, clean, safe cheap are my main concerns. A short distance from the airport would probably be a bonus.  I'd also like somewhere that will be obliging enough to look after my S&S backpack case for the duration of the trip.

I'll be arriving at Las Vegas for the start of a circular tour in October.  I'm hoping I'll be able to bring my bike in a CTC plastic bike bag as shown here

I've used similar bags for European flights many times, with only the occasional dent as a result.  I've no real concern about getting it on the plane in the UK, as I've always found staff at Manchester airport to be very helpful.

What is McCarran like for bike handling ?  In my experience it's the ground staff rather than the individual airlines who can cause trouble.  Are they OK ?

The bike can be a bit too big for some X-ray machines and I've had to have it manually swabbed for explosives a few times! 

I've got a backup in the form of S&S couplings and a case, but that means I can't ride away from the airport and also that I need to find somewhere to stash the case for 4 weeks.

All advice welcome.

Hi there, I'm Andrew from England and I'm hoping to come over to the US next year for a camping tour. I've already posted about this here but thought I'd add a second post in this forum as well.

Current plan seems to favour Las Vegas as the most convenient destination from the UK, followed by a $25 shuttle bus to St George as an actual start point.   I've only toured in the USA once before when I did Seattle to San Francisco in 2009. I'm not a technical mountain biker but previous tours have included crossing Iceland's lava deserts and the Manali - Leh route  so I'm quite happy on dirt roads and jeep tracks.

I'd be hoping to see Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Canyonlands and as much beauty as I can squeeze into the trip.  All suggestions for routes welcome.

When is the best time to come for clear and dry weather ?    I'd rather avoid peak season and enjoy quiet roads and trails as well.

I've just received the DeLorme atlas for Utah and the Utah and Colorado edition of Bicycling Americas National Parks to keep me happy during the winter  :)

Routes / Nevada and Utah 2011 ? Advice & tips please
« on: November 23, 2010, 04:33:14 pm »
Inspired by this and this I'm now contemplating a trip over there sometime next year.   

I'm thinking a 4 week camping tour , probably flying to Las Vegas from Heathrow with BA (if they are still taking bikes free) hoping to include Zion, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands and as much else as I can squeeze in. Return either via looping back to Vegas or possibly from Phoenix.

It's very early days yet, so I'm just asking here for initial tips, what to see, where to go etc.

When to go ? I'm thinking spring (Apr/May) or autumn (Sept onwards ?) Ideally I'd like to avoid the hottest part of the year.

What are the best maps / guidebooks to use ?

Is it possible / practical to use a bus to get from Las Vegas to a closer start/finish point ?

What are the campsites like ? Do they need to be booked in advance ?

All advice welcome, I've only toured in the USA once before when I did Seattle to San Francisco in 2009. I'm not a technical mountain biker but am quite happy on dirt roads and jeep tracks. Previous tours have included crossing Iceland's lava deserts and the Manali - Leh route (with Cass from the 1st link)



Routes / Seattle to San Francisco in May
« on: January 09, 2009, 02:27:48 pm »
Hi There,

I'm going to be flying into Seattle from the UK at the end of April with my bike and camping gear.  I've then got until 30th May to enjoy myself riding down to San Francisco  :)    I'm hoping to be able to take in some sights along the way and spend a few days wandering around San Francisco at the end.

I'm a fairly experienced cycle tourist but this will be my first time in the USA , all advice on things to do & see on the route would be welcome.

I've got the Spring / KirKendal guidebook and will be ordering the Adventure Cycling maps.  What else should I be reading before I go ?  What weather can I expect (I'm guessing everything bar snow!)

Can anyone recommend a nice, friendly hostel/hotel for the day I arrive in Seattle ?

Thanks in advance.


Routes / Seattle to San Francisco
« on: June 29, 2008, 07:10:45 pm »
Hi there, my first post on this site so please be gentle.

I've been touring for the last 10 years in the UK & Europe, last year I did Manali to Leh in India but have never been to the US.

I'm thinking about having a go at a portion of the Pacific Coast route, Seattle to San Francisco. This may happen later this year or sometime next year.

If this year what is the latest month I'd have a chance of reasonable weather ? September or October ?

Is there any period when the campsites close ?

Would approx 3 weeks be a reasonable time to complete it, hopefully allowing for rests & some sightseeing ?



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