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Bikecentennial / Re: Wish I was there
« on: June 28, 2010, 06:21:30 pm »
I was there in 1976.  My username is my trip code from that trip.  For those that don't know the codes, it means that I was a member of a Golden Spokes East tour group, starting in the west and riding east and we were a bike-in (as opposed to camping) group and our first day was July 2.  Actually July 2 would have been the shakedown ride in Pueblo, CO and we actually left on July 3.  We ended up in Yorktown, VA at Camp Chickahominy. Oh, what a wet & muddy field that place was. It probably was nice when it didn't rain.
The other Golden Spokes rides (that those that started in Yorktown and went to Pueblo and those that started in Astoria, OR and went to Pueblo) carried Golden Spokes which were assembled into a wheel by the time the summer was over.  At least that was the game plan.  I don't know if they actually had enough spokes to do it.  You should know that there were plans for 10,000 cyclists that summer.  By the time it was all over, only 4100 cyclists rode all or part of it.
My group has 2 pictures on the full history page ( the ACA website.  The leader and Bob are the 2 sharing the water bottle.  The middle photo with all the riders riding 2-abreast is also from our group.  Dan Burden shot those photos.  I'm riding the white line, 2nd rider, counting from the rear.

I had so much fun that I decided that I would do the whole enchilada 4 years later when I would graduate from college.  And I did.  And let me tell you: if your tour starts with a bang, it could be because Mt. St. Helens erupted.  Yep, my 1980 trans am ride got started on Friday, the 13th of June when the volcano erupted for the second time that year.

If it didn't cost so much to have slides scanned, I'd have done it already.  And don't say to do it myself, as I have slides from the 2 trips, and to get a good scan takes a number of minutes per slide.  Plus I don't own a good slide scanner.

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