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I have always used G7towin to load wypts etc en route.  Windows machines were what I used.  But now a Mac (OS X) will be available.  I'd like to use it. 

G7towin.exe won't run on it.  Is there a Mac version?

I did the great divide a couple of years ago and it was wonderful - just right for me!
I want to do the Pacific Crest but the Sierra Cascade Route is too much pavement. 

Is there any hope that a dirt equivalent will be made?  How can we encourage such.

Yes,  you can load the POIs without excel and GPSvisualizer.  But they will have our F0xxxx style of name and not be so easy to understand.  I thought that Garmin would have a way to tell it to load the comment field in there instead but the Garmin people said no!

The person at garmin is the one who tried for a half hour different things and came up with this.

I tryed to shortcut what he did by using the .csv file (created by excel) direct into the POIloader because it claims to be able to use .csv.
But it didn't like it.

So I went with the whole process as described.  It doesn't take long.

What does take long is separating out the route waypts from the POIs.  If AdvCyc was more strict with the use of symbols, that would help.  I can , of course, sort by symbol but the square symbol has a lot of wypts and motels etc all mixed in together.  Perhaps there is a reason for that that I don't know.

Let me know  If you suceed in short cuting some of this process.

Well thanks to your help here and the Garmin people,  I've got it:

I run the adv cyc file through Mapsource to seperate what I want as poi and what I want as waypts.

Then I open the poi items with excel and I move the comments into the first name column and save as .csv.

Next I  open that .csv file in GPSVisualizer and convert it to .gpx.

I open that in MapSource - just to admire it!

Repeat for every file on my route

I run the POI Loader pointing to the directory where I stored those little .gpx beauties.

Now I have a custom POI file of the Campgrounds etc.   AND I have many fewer waypoints to load so my 1000 limit is less of a problem.

I am very happy.
Thanks again


  You are on the money with that.  It is in my owners manual on page 25.

I'm pretty embarassed not to have found it myself.  But now I am for sure going to give it a try.



I just realized, I forgot to say:   my gps is GPSmap76CSx.
 Maybe some one knows whether it is compatible with custom POI.

Garmin might reply to me  next year -  or not.
And their reply will probably be some stock answer to some question I did NOT ask.

The user comunity is our best hope, isn't it.

Hey thanks for the link.  It will be helpful.  But I followed the link it gave which it said would list devices that were compatable  and got no such list.

It did say generically most recreational units after 2005.  That sounds hopeful!
Mine is GPSmap76CSx which I got 2006 or 2007.  I think of it as recreational.

here's hoping!

thanks again


Fred, Thanks for the info.  The Garmin person knew what my device was and still suggested this but claimed primarily Mapsource expertise.    How can I know whether my device really supports custom POIs??? 

 I guess there is probably nothing to do but put in the time and try it.

I only seem to address this stuff when I'm about to leave  on a ride and can't stuff everything I need in my GPS.  So there is never enough time to enjoy digging deeper.
I'll try to try it.  kathy

Has anyone ever done this?  I had a tech person at Garmin suggest that a way to get around the 1000 wypt limit might be to put the motel and restaurants wypts in a custom POI file that would be loaded to the sd card and would then be available on the screen of my map76csx.

The idea seemed to be to use a .csv file (what ever that is) or excel (which would be harder).

If my POI query got the custom file first and only then the usual stuff from City Navigator that might be useful.

Any thoughts???

Routes / New Sierra Cascade Route
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:23:37 pm »
So exciting to see the over view map!  Anyone know how much climbing?  The GDR has something like 200,000 ft of climbing.  Is this similar?  Did they solve the problems of dangerous logging truck areas?  I was actually hoping some dirt workaround would have been found for that.  Any more info?  Thanks kathy

Kathy (and all other interested in this route!),

I just heard from Kathy and Roger Cox who orignally did this trip. Here is the information they sent me. I hope it helps you to plan your trip. It would be great to get a trip report from you if you do it.

Here is the route description of our 800 mile Salmon Basin mountain bike tour loop we did in August 2001:
We left our vehicle in Salmon ID at a commercial campground, rode south a few miles on Hwy 93, took FR21 up Williams Cr, down Panther Cr.*  on FR55 to the Salmon River where we crossed it.  Headed upstream on FR30, past Shoup, then a steep climb up Spring Creek FR38 to the ridge and Montana line.  Continued NW along ridge on FR44*  and down the West Fork of the Bitterroot on FR91 past Painted Rocks Reservoir.  If you want to resupply near Conner, you can continue downhill, otherwise, we turned west and headed back towards Idaho and Nez Perce Pass on FR468.
 We continued west across Idaho on the Magruder Corridor (FR468) with the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness to the north and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness to the south.  This is a beautiful, rugged, remote area, and expect to see maybe only 20 vehicles each day as you travel. When we reached the ranger station at Red River, we detoured up FR234 for some soaking and restaurant food at Red River Hot Springs*.  Inquire locally to make sure it is open.  Back at the ranger station, we continued west on FR22 until it joined ID SR14, where we rode west on pavement toward Grangeville.  Just before Grangeville, we took the Mt Idaho Grade Rd into town, for resupply.
Our original plan was to take FR221 south from Grangeville all the way to Riggins, but we were forced off it and detoured down Slate Creek to Hwy95 because of forest fire activity. After Riggins, we went east along the main Salmon River, turning south up the Seven Fingers Rd, FR 246, bound for Burgdorf Hot Springs*, and on to McCall.  From McCall we took the Lick Creek Rd to the S. Fork of the Salmon, and then headed upstream on FR674/FR474* to Warm Lake (store, restaurants).  We continued east on FR579 (Deadwood River, Deer Creek, Elk Creek, Fir Creek) to Cape Horn Pass, where the road changes to FR198 before joining ID SR21 into Stanley*.  When we got to Stanley, we were running out of time, so we took paved ID SR75 to Challis* and then Hwy 93 back to Salmon.  (We had hoped to ride the dirt from Sunbeam to Challis on FR70, the Custer Motorway, and did this section in the summer of 2009 as part of a more recent trip.)  North of Challis, the Morgan Creek and Panther Creek roads would keep you off of Hwy93.
*The asterisks note a hot springs nearby that we soaked in, some commercial, some wild ones on forest land, check a hot springs guidebook or ask locals – half the fun is discovering these for yourself.  To plan this trip we used Nat. Forest maps and the DeLorme Gazeteer for ID and MT. We encourage other cyclists to try this route or some variation, we found this ride to be truly memorable!


Jennifer, Kathy, and Rodger, 
Thank You !!  Thank You !!  Thank You !! 
This is very exciting !   :D
I think it's going to be a great year.
Kathy and Bill

WOW, Jennifer,

I was giving up hope of a response.

I'm so glad to hear from you that they may be able to point us in the right direction.
If they email me, I hope they say "Salmon River" in the subject line, so I won't think it is junk mail and delete it.

I'm guessing that the Salmon River they refer to is the one in Idaho.  So I'm beginning to gather some data in that area.
Do you know?  Is that the right state?

Somehow I didn't seem to get the email that I expected from the forum pgm that would let me know someone had replied.
Should I still expect such an email or has the forum changed.

Thank You So Much,
Kathy Carriker

Routes / Anyone heard of the Salmon River Basin 800 mile mtn-bike loop ???
« on: December 13, 2009, 09:23:51 am »
Has anyone heard of the Salmon River Basin 800 mile mtn-bike loop?  The July 08 mag mentions it on page 19 as something done By Kathy and Roger Cox.  It was one of their favs.  If we can find it, it might become our summer 2010 highlight. We'd also like to get in touch with the Coxs.  We have a lot more in common than our names.  :D

Thank you guys!

I leave tomorrow.  I start at Shelby, (near Cut Bank) MT and ride to Fargo first;  then train to Anacortes and pedal east.  I figure I'll get on the train in Shelby and skip a shadeless July ride.  From Fargo we should get some more trees and streams I hope.

I've enjoyed the plains in August.

"How many shades of gold are there?
You'll have to ride here forever to find out."

Now, I want to see them in May.
I just hope we don't get a late blizzard.

I'll be trying to reload data in 3 places.  Sometimes an independent motel has fewer fire walls than the library - so I can load the gps driver.  

You guys have helped me so much.  Thank you.

Hi Fred and Paul,
By Jove, I think she's got it!!!

Finally, in trying to emulate your steps, I discovered that I was not really in navigate when I thought I was.  PA is so far from WA that the calculation never really finished.

So I loaded up some of the Atlantic Coast route that is near here and got real Navigation going.  It does follow the road and makes the saved route follow the road too.  Even with Navigation off, it seems to now follow the road when I get to the map via a wpt request.


Paul, in studying your web sight again I see again that you managed to put the whole route on in just 2 loadings.  I don't know how you did that.  There are way more than 2,000 waypoints.  Just loading the routes and their via points I'm looking at 3 loadings.

I'd sure like to cut that down and be able to load the additional waypoints.  My gps has the same 1000 wypt limit yours does.

Again thank you

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