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Gear Talk / Re: solar battery chargers
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:16:58 pm »
This reply is a little off-topic of the original post regarding using solar to power a stove on a bike trip--  Starting in March I will be riding on the Atlantic coast AC trip and then on up to Newfoundland (starting south and going north), and I'd like to use solar to keep a cell phone charged

I looked at hand-cranking chargers online, but it sounds like it would take a ridiculous amount of cranking to keep a phone charged up.

As far as a solar-charger goes, I'm expecting plenty of sun in Florida, but the rest of the trip could of course go either way.

What has people's experience been with laying thin solar cells across their luggage racks to charge up while cycling?

I'm leaning towards getting a solar-powered deal with the expectation that I can charge up at restaurants and libraries when I need to, but I'm wondering if the whole solar thing is overly optimistic given that I won't be riding in the sunny southwest

Just wondering what people's experience is concerning how sunny it needs to be to keep their cell phones/cameras charged using mini portable solar systems.


Jay-- do you recall how much you paid on average for private campgrounds?  I'll be relocating after this trip and need to watch my money more than I'd like to on this trip.

Thank you for your help!


Thanks everyone, for the tips-- especially the couchsurfer address.  I've talked to people who've had luck with that, but I didn't put it together in my mind with a biking trip.


Routes / camping and the southern tier route
« on: October 25, 2010, 08:50:28 pm »
Hello-- I've read a few very short blogs from southern tier cyclists who camped a hundred percent of the route.  Wondering if it's true that it's easy to find campgrounds along the route, and wondering as well how much people paid on average for campgrounds along the southern tier.

Also-- has anyone started this ride in February and wished they'd started a few months earlier due to cold? (that's unfortunately the earliest I can start)


 I will have a bunch of time off between a move and looking for a new job this winter/spring, and I am choosing between the Southern Tier and Atlantic coast rides routed by ACA. My preference is to go up the East coast from the Keys and ride up to Newfoundland from mid March through mid June (as opposed to a Southern Tier ride from Feb-April). I'm curious if riders who have done the Atlantic coastal route found campgrounds easily? The East Coast trip has the advantage of being closer to services than the Southern Tier (which has long slogs through the desert), but I would think that would also mean a lot more car traffic.

Any riders out there who have done both the coastal route and the southern tier who can compare campground availabilty between the two routes?

Any help will be very much appreciated


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