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The link to my journal has been corrected, if anybody cares to read about my upcoming ride.  Comments, suggestions, or advice are welcome.

Routes / Re: Best source of information on Pacific coast route?
« on: March 17, 2011, 06:08:22 pm »
I have driven the Pacific Coast route many times, and plan to ride the Oregon section this September. I think the combination of the ACA maps and the free Oregon maps will do you well for that portion.  You can order the free map online at:

Good luck, and have fun.

Thanks for pointing that out.  Let's try this link:  


Wow, I thought this project was unique enough to capture some attention.  Maybe if I did it standing on my head.....

Although I own and ride both a Rans Stratus LE LWB recumbent and a Rans Dynamik crankforward bike, I am going to use one of my other rides this year for a different kind of tour down the Oregon coast.

As part of my fundraising efforts for a breast cancer charity walk in San Diego, I am going to do something a bit unique this year. I have searched the web, and cannot find any mention of anyone doing this before, so I may or may not be the first to do it, but will certainly be one of very few.

In September, I am going to ride/push my two wheeled, adult sized, non-motorized scooter from Astoria, Oregon to Brookings, Oregon, a distance of 360 miles, down the Oregon Coast on US 101. See photo.

I will be pulling a small trailer containing my gear, as this trip is expected to take 18 days, and I will be camping at campgrounds along the way. The trailer will also carry signs promoting the 3Day, so if an old guy riding a scooter doesn't get attention, the signs will. My goals are to attract attention, talk to people, solicit donations, and get the word out. Plus, it will be fun.

I have started an online journal to document this trek, and would appreciate it if you could take a look. I am trying to obtain some "corporate" sponsorship, and if the page views of the journal are high, it will be easier to get some help, so please, spread the word.

I would also appreciate any help, support, comments, advice, suggestions, or even ridicule, if you are so inclined. Talk to me.

The journal, and photos of my ride is at:

You can e-mail me direct at: arickrick at yahoo dot com

General Discussion / Re: Bicycling coast to coast off road....
« on: March 06, 2011, 08:06:06 pm »
Being a trail fan, you probably are aware of Rails to Trails Conservancy.  I would think that with some good maps, you could piece together a trail across the US using dirt roads, , but it would take a lot of investigation, but the Internet is a wonderful thing.  If you do put one together, I would be interested in checking it out too.  If you wanted to go Border to Border, there is The Great Divide Mountain bike Trail.

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