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We would bring our own sag wagon (the burley trailer) and two tandems (I think).  We also have a Piccolo and a WeeHoo Igo recumbent trail a bike.

My thought is that if we are not in a hurry, and the kids can switch between different seating options (pedal or not pedal, sitting upright or in a recumbent fashion) that we all might survive.

The kids are excited about the idea, but they don't really understand the magnitude of the endeavor.  They remember laughing non-stop on while riding with several hundred other cyclists on a tandem rally last July. 

I want our kids to grow up knowing nothing is impossible and what others think is crazy can actually be fun.  The 8yo already has almost 20 minutes logged flying in a vertical wind tunnel (indoor skydiving). 

Thanks in advance for the advice through experience.


Youth Bicyle Travel / Re: Can I Tour with a Trail-a-bike?
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:04:53 pm »
While we have not toured with our burley piccolo, we have taken the kids on some fairly long excursions for them.  I've done 25 miles at a time with our setup.

With the full "DrSeuss" going on, I pedal as the captain of a BikeFriday Family Tandem with a Piccolo hooked to the rack.  On the Piccolo is hooked a Burley D'Lite trailer.  It holds extra gear and food and lots of clothes.  We rode with a 7 year old and a barely 4 year old.  The first 25 we did was at the Northwest Tandem Rally this year.  The weight of the bike with both kids and me was 443lbs.  In my case, I saved my wife for fresh legs (she rode a solo bike; my hybrid)(I didn't need her to take over).

I think that the Piccolo could tour, you are more likely to be satisfied with a kid friendly tandem.

Without money as a consideration, I would go back and get a Co-Motion Periscope tandem.  The kids love riding on the back of the Bike Friday, but they are so low and close in, I worry that they can't see much except my bottom.  The BF does work well though, and we got ours for under 1900 new.  The Co-Motion would be substantially more...

I'm not sure any of this helps, but when I started typing, I thought it would.

Be Well,



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