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General Discussion / Great Divide - with kids
« on: May 16, 2004, 01:28:45 am »
I've bikepacked (self-contained bicycle touring) on the Oregon and California coasts, the San Juan Islands of Washington State and love it!
My 50 mile days with fully-loaded bike ended when my nephew came to live with me. Fast forward a few years.
My nephew is now 10 yrs old, a happy camper, who can bike 15-20 miles at a pop quite comfortably.
I'd like to get him hooked on bikepacking, but am not comfortable taking him down Hwy 101 with the car traffic on the Pacific Coast.
What about the back roads and trails of the Great Divide route?
Have any of you ridden the route with kids?
I'm off work from August 12 - September 15. Looking for ideas on which sections would be best to ride, considering the limited distance per day and weather at that time of year.
Noreen (& Tyler)

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