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General Discussion / Recumbent help
« on: October 27, 2004, 09:34:02 am »
I have just completed a trans america trip this summer on a recumbent and i think it is the best way travel! But a bit of advice for those hills...get a trike. no matter how steep the hill/mountain you won't have the poblem of balance. I tackled the skyline and blueridge when in virginia and even fully loaded I was able to do 100 mile days on my windcheetah. so of the hills were pretty steep but i could slap the machine into a low gear and spin up it at a couple of miles per hour. I saw others on recumbents but many weren't as able to tackle the steep asents without getting off and pushing. What ever bike you get I hope you have a fun and safe trip and if people try and put you off  saying that cars and vechicles can see you then ignore them cos witht eh right gear on your bike you can be highly visable.


General Discussion / PLEASE HELP
« on: January 07, 2004, 11:18:30 am »
Hello everyone

I was wondering if someone could please help me find out some infomation. I am planning my Tour of the US leaving England in just under 10 weeks. I have sorted out my visa etc but there is one thing left which I need to sort insurance. I have tried sorting this out in England but because I will be away for 6 months no British insurance companies will cover me for such an extended period outside of England. Does anyone know of the names of any American insurance firms who would insure me for a tour of of the States? Please help!

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