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Thank you, Carla. I used the Cardston detour, albeit with a somewhat different route from Pincher Creek to Cardston. I wouldn't call this the most scenic country I have ever ridden through b-- rather like the Hi-Line in Montana -- but it does get one back on route. Thank you again!

I'm in Fernie, BC, after nearly 5000km starting from Deadhorse, AK.  I'm sure glad I thought to check whether the Chief Mountain Intl. Highway border crossing is open.  I presume the recommended detour is still the only viable option as of early September?  Is there any information on services along the detour route?

Thank you, AC, for this timely information!

Gear Talk / Looking for a Panasonic Pro-Touring
« on: January 15, 2004, 11:47:31 pm »
Howdy all,

The Panasonic Pro-Touring that I use for loaded touring was stolen from my home in suburban MD on the night of Dec. 6-7.  I know the odds of recovering it are slim to none, but since this is a bike I have used for many 1000s of miles, I'm emotionally attached.  I will appreciate folks keeping their eyes open for it in the weeks and months to come.  I am even offering a reward.  A full description and photo can be found at my wife's web site:

And while we are at it, does anyone have a Panasonic Pro-Touring frame or complete bicycle that they might be willing to part with?  I'm looking for about 20" center bb to center tt.

Thanks and regards to all in this frigid January,
Bob McCutcheon


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