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General Discussion / misery in missouri
« on: January 21, 2004, 07:38:40 pm »
Day Tripper

I rode through Missouri in 2002.  I had heard all the horror stories.  There are extremely narrow roads sans shoulders,sharp curves, tons of hills,skin scalding, and humidity that would float a ship's anchor.  That said, The people in Missouri, though not as friendly as the people in Kansas, neither were they pains in the . . . . I felt that they gave me as much road room as the situation allowed. I had to hit the ditch a couple of times due to semi's, oncoming traffic and hilltops.  I was never yelled at (well, maybe once) and never flipped off.  There is a real crabby bait shop owner in the Ozarks but I forget his exact location (13 miles east of Johnson Shut-Ins state park).  I would say, expect the best.

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