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Hello !
More than a month ago I cycled the World's hardest climb.  I've written a description about it and embed my trailer video in the middle of the description.   

Have pleasure it and thanks for watching !
Gábor Györgyi ( )

Mauna Kea (4205 m) is situated just at the opposite side of the Earth considering from Europe, but I think the Hilo – Mauna Kea ascent can be found on several cycloclimbers’ bucketlist, because based on the climbs’ collections and databases of and this is the hardest / toughest ascent of the world for a road bike (?) or touring bike. Its difficulty score is 1,5 times higher than the Alps’ hardest paved climb (Grosser Oscheniksee) and 2 times higher than the Ovaro climb of Monte Zoncolan or the climb of Angliru !
During the 69 km long ascent You have to climb 4192 m heightdifference and in the last few kms the less oxygen makes is harder (those who attempt this ascent they need acclimatisation!). In the last 20 kms the cyclist has to climb 2000 m heightdifference, 7 kms of it has no pavement, but that is dirt road with sand where the tires sink several times. Because of the dirt road section many cyclists suggest to use min 32 mm wide tires if You don’t plan to change the bike by the start of the dirt road, at the Visitor Center. I used 32 mm wide Schwalbe Marathon tires.
There is another thing that makes the climb hard: after leaving the beach of Hilo, the next place to get water, buy snack, etc. is situated 55 kms farther at the height of 2800 m. That’s the reason that several cyclists that cycled up to the summit suggest those wh would like to cycle up to have support car that carries the food, water, drink and clothes for the descent (if descending would start in the evening).
Those who would like to cycle up without support need to carry min. 4-5 liters of water / drink by the start. (I did it this way.)
Mauna Kea is considered the tallest mountain of the Earth, because if we measure it from its bottom (can be found under the ocean), it’s heightdifference is more than Mount Everest’s or any other high mountains’ heightdifference. The volcano is situated in the Big island of the Hawaii islands next to the other high volcano, Mauna Loa that is one of the active volcanoes of the World and produces lava-flow every day.
The start of the ascent can be found by the beach of Hilo which is considered one of the most rainiest places of the Earth. There are several observatories at the summit; it is said the summit offers one of the most clear, best opportunities for star-watching or stargazing. By sunset several cars drive up for enjoy the perfect sunset.
Only one ascent goes up to the top, but there are two places to start: the longer begins at the sunnier, hotter Kona side and the other (69 km long) starts at the rainier, Hilo side.

(text is finished under the video and coverphoot of the video)
VIDEO can be seen here =

During the several hour / one day long ascent the weather and the plants change several times: by the Hilo side it starts along with wonderful flowers and huge trees and than it changes for a cloudy, humid section. The eastern climb, starting at the Kona side begins along hot lava fields. The middle section can be sunny and cloudy too ( I have both) and the summit is usually clear, sunny, but as the Sun goes down it could be cold (only few degrees celsius above zero).
At last a subjective opinion: why this climb is considered to be the hardest climb of the World ?
Reaching the Visitor Center (2800 m) the cyclist feels / shoudl feel only a little bit tired, but after starting the dirt road section the lack of oxygen, the fact that the tires several times sink in the sand and the dirt road is sometimes 13-15% (once 20%) steep increase tiredness. Reaching the paved road again (at 3554 m) the cyclist has to climb more than 650 m heightdifference on sometimes 12-14% steep road which feels as it would be ca. 18% steep because of the less oxygen and if the cyclist gets headwind (I got) than it could be is very-very hard!

(Monte Zoncolan „offers” 1055 m heightdifference for the last ca. 8 kms (avg. 13,1%), here You can feel ca. similar difficulty in the last 8-10 kms, but when You reach that last section You already had 3100-3200 m heightdifference in your legs.
Big island offers another long and high finishing ascent: that goes up on the mountain of Mauna Loa, but on that road You can’t cycle up to the summit; the road ends under 3400 m and the view is much more less spectacular than at the summit of Mauna Kea and the ascent is not so hard than the other.

Thanks for the tips :)

Altitude: till now I didn't have any problems with altitude. IN 2012 I cycled in Andalucia (Spain); after 3 days (1 of it I cycled up to 1300 m) I cycled from the sea to the 3400 m high Pico Veleta. I didn't have any problems.  TRail ridge road is not much higher. Few days later Mt Evans: I know it higher a little bit... I know.
I hope I wouldn't have too much problems. (it's not a problem if I can cycle a little bit slower because of the thin air.)

Thanks for your opinion !

Thanks RussSeaton,
In the towns where can I get the water: there are public water-sources or do I have to enter for example a bar / restaurant or similar place ?
(in the Alps, in the towns there are several public water-sources, that's why I ask it if the situation is similar is the Rockies or not)
Thank you: Gábor

Oddly enough, I have ridden more in Colorado except for the states I have lived in.  Spent two weeks loaded touring there, two week long supported rides, Triple bypass twice, and a 1200km brevet to Kansas and back.  Another few days of riding too.  Wow.  It rained sometimes.  But never enough to be concerned about.  I think I was on top of Mt. Evans at about 4PM once.  Ranger said it was the latest he had ever seen a bicyclist at the top.  Rain and snow on the way down but nothing to be concerned about.  I was a lot lower very quickly and it was gone.  Usually plenty of towns to get water.  Out west it might be a day or half day between towns so carry enough water.  But usually there were plenty of towns.  Never found traffic too bad in the mountains.  Colorado was a fine place to ride a bike.  The eastern half was kind of barren.  Big rolling climbs and lots of flat in between.  Rattlesnakes laying in a coil on the shoulders.  A little bit startling to ride within a few inches of a rattlesnake.  That was the eastern half.

Thanks John,
It could be good. My question about it: can I carry the bicycle on the bus ?
If yes: do I have to leave the bike inside the box or do I have to take it out ?

I would ride Pikes peak without panniers :)
I've read that the road is open from 7:30 am. As I checked, I couldn't start earlier because of the toll gate.

Thanks :)
My top suggestion is to get a ride or take a bus for the first 50 miles. It'll be better than cycling through Denver.

Be advised that the climb up Pikes Peak is one of the toughest climbs in North America. I hope you're not planning to do it loaded.

An early start will reduce the chances of a thunderstorm, but an early start is not essential on most days, except when you're climbing above 14,000 feet.

It's hard to generalize about Colorado. It's not all the same. It depends on where you're going.

Hello !

Next Friday I will arrive at Denver from where I start my bicycle tour in Colorado (and then few days in Hawaii).
I would be happy to got advice, suggestion about bicycling (and others) in the mountains, in Colorado, etc.
For example:
Should I start the days earlier because of the afternoon rain or it's not so obvious that it would rain every afternoon ?
Could be a problem to refill the bottles, so I should carry more than 2 bottles of water ?
Can I leave my bike outside of a store / shop when I go in ? (in villages, in the mountains I think it couldn't be a problem, and in Denver ?)
Traffic ?
I've read that the road of Pikes peak open at 7:30 am. ? Before it I couldn't start the climb ?
When is it ideal to start the climb of Mount Evans ?

Where can I buy energy bars, gels ?
Don't hesitate to write your other experiences, suggestions !

(about bicycling in Hawaii / Big Island too.)

Thanks: Gábor (Hungary, Europe)

Hello !

My following video is about a hardly known climb in Italy (at the end of the Valle di Lanza), but it was amazing !
I felt as at the end of the world: only the nature and me. It went from Usseglio towards Alpe Bessanetto; the asphalt finished at the height of 2022 m.
Above the clouds it was wonderful, breathtaking.... At halfway I kept on cycling although there was a barrier.
(In the Alps it is usual that mountainroad addict cyclists go upwards by such situations. There are private roads where cyclists go upwards, although the road is only for the employees of the owner company.).

On the road I met with small and big rocks had fallen earlier from the mountainside.... After going above the clouds it was like a miracle. It was wonderful: the view, the waterfalls and ... chamoises !!

Video url:


Thanks for watching!

Hello !
I'm proud to present my cycling video about the italian permanent brevet Brenta - Ortles (officially 363 km + 8088 m). Time to finish: 34 hours.
It's route is wonderful and challenging (with legendary Giro d'Italia climbs):
Pietramurata - Molveno - Passo Palade (1518 m) - Merano - Passo dello Stelvio (2760 m) -landslide on the descent - Bormio - Passo di Gavia (2621 m) - Ponte di Legno - Passo del Tonale (1883 m) - Dimaro - Passo Campo Carlo Magno (1682 m) - Stenico - Pietramurata.
I loved it very much and beside it was adventurous because on the Stelvio descent I had to climb through rocks because serious landslides caused by a strom.
During the winter I will edit a longer, ca. 50 minutes long video too and in few weeks time I will share a ca. 2 pages long travelogue about it.

I can truely suggest riding this wonderful challenge or parts of the route !

Thanks for watching and I hope (almost sure :) ) that you like it.


Url of the video:


Hello !
In June I had a 17 days long bicycle tour in the Alps, Europe.
In the middle of the tour I participated on an extrem level cycling event: Super Randonné Prealpina (618 kms + 12674 m heightdifference) in Italy.
It's a cyclotouring event in northern Italy, by the lakes: Lago Maggiore, Lago Lugano, Lago d'Orta but contains 14 climbs: Banchette , Bochetto diSessera / Bielmonte , Alpe Noveis , Passo San Bernardo , Passo di Colma , Mottarone (1455 m), Piancavallo (1254 m), Pian dei Sali , Alpe di Neggia (1395 m) , Cademario , Lanzo d'Intelvi , Alpe Tedesco , Sette Termini , Passo Cuvignone (1036 m)
To get the randonnee level you have to finish in 55 hours, but for the tourist version You have 7 days.

After cycling 5 days in Switzerland I had 2 rest days and using the same touring bike I started the challenge; my aim was the randonné version after last year's successful ride by the Valtellina EXtreme Brevet (345 km + 8998 m --> 3 rounds)

I edited a video about this bicycletour; have pleasure with it & thanks for watching !

LInk of the video:

and besides I can truely suggest to participate or to face with this challenge: great ride and the landscape is wonderful !

If you have questions, don't hesitate to write; I will answer for it  and I plan to write my travelogue about this wonderful randonnee !

(and the coverphoto of the video --> it shows greast pics of the route:


Hello !
I'm happy to show another compilation / best of video about another great bicycletour in the French Alps with several legendary climbs, ascents. The tour happaned in the year 2011.
After the first 2 days (in Italy ) I cycled in France and visited famous, Tour de France cols, climbs, like Bonette (2802 m), Col d'Izoard (2360 m), Alpe d'Huez, Col du Galibier (2645 m), Col de l'Iseran (2770 m), but few hardly known ones, like Parking du Laus, Le Saut, Plan de Lac (2360 m) - one of my favourite. On the climb of Col de la Lombarde I saw chamois, unfortunately only for few seconds, but in the year 2014 on a hardly known italian ascent (will be presented in few weeks time :) ) offered me the opportunity to record 2 chamoises for video for ca. 1 min long. At La Bonette (2802 m) I got the best amazing weather that I could: sunshine with very small clouds, cumuluses.

Url of the video:

Have pleasure with the video and thanks for watching :)

Coverphoto of the video:

Hello !
I'm pleased to present a so-called best of video but also a spinning / indoor cycling video: I edited it using wonderful places where I have ever cycled in Europe: like Nice, legendary ascents in the Alps, Andalucia, in the Pyrénées. Few climbs climbs in the video: Mont Ventoux, Passo di Gavia, Bonette, Galibier, there are ascents that hadn't been filmed was rarely filmed ( Dürrboden), Col de la Core, Peyresourde, Ordesa National park in the Pyrénées, Pico Veleta (3394 m) in Andalucia. Few minutes about famous cycling challenges can be seen too: Monte Grappa challenge (261 km + 7241 m), Ötztaler radmarathon (228 km + 5500 m), Valtellina Extreme brevet (345 km + 8998 m). Have pleasure with the video & thanks for watching ! :)

the video can be reached here:

and I attache its cover photo:


Hello !
Now I'm pleased to present the 2nd part of the best of video about our bicycle tour in Andalusia (2012). The video shows this route:
Granada - Pico Veleta (3394 m) - Granada - Guadix - Quéntar - La Calahorra - Puerto Ragua (2000 m) - Fondon - Abla - Puerto Padilla / Escúllar (2036 m) - Fondon - Tabernas semi-desert - Tabernas - Velefique - Tetica de Bacares (2080 m) - Almeria (and from here cycling the Costal de Sol ) - Castell de Ferro - Nerja - Malaga

This part is not only about mountains, but desert, sea and mountain lake can be seen too :)
Have pleasure with the video !


Best regards,
( adventures, bicycle tours, videos, photos based on experiences of cycling 271 times above 2000 m )

Hello !

I edited a compilation video about my bicycle tour In Andalucia (year 2012).
This is the 1st part with english subtitles 

The route - this part shows - was: Malaga - Puerto del Leon (view) - Almunecar - Mirador Cabra Montes (view) - Motril - Haza del Lino (Veleta panorama) - Motril - Granada - Pico Veleta - Granada
Have pleasure with the video !

Similar videos, articles, photos of my experiences of 30.000 kms + 650.000 m heightdiff in the Alps, Pyrenees, Andalucia, Canary islands, here , on my facebook site:

Hello ! :)

In the winter holiday I edited the last 2 remaining videos I missed to have cycling videos about all of the asphalted climbs - ending above 200 0m - in the French Alps.

La Bergerie du Bois Noir (2010 m).
This is a hardly known ascent in France.
The ascent's light section started at Guillestre. I started to cycle the same road that goes to Col d'Izoard, but after the canyon I had to turn right to Ceillac and the ascent's last section was a very calm valley with a stream and with a strange part when ca 30 m long the water came out of the ground and fell down to the stream ....
The paved road finished at 2010 m. I loved this climb ! It's worth visiting !

Video :

The last one was a very beautiful one = one of my favourite climbs, col du Granon (2413 m):
Col du Granon is a steep (9,2% for 1053 m heightdiff. --> so it's harder than the ascent of Alpe d'Huez) and wonderful climb; one of my favourite ascents. 80% of the ascent is a panoramic road and there is almost no traffic: I met ca. 2-3 vehicles during the climb.
Up to now I visited twice and both occasions I rode it in sunny weather.
Have pleasure with the - I think : great - video !

My site with experiences, adventures, photos, videos, compilations in the mountains by bike (50.000 kms abroad & 271 times cycled above 2000 m) :

Best regards,

Hello !

I edited a best of video about my bicycletour that I had this summer in the Alps (1828 kms + 39441 m ) . This video contains not all of the climbs that I cycled but the most beautiful ones or most memorable ones. The following clmbs can be seen for few dozen seconds or for a minute:
Passo Mortirlo, Gavia, Umbrail, Passo dello Stelvio , Forcola di Livigno , Passo dello Spluga , Juf , Oberalppass , Sustenpass (in rain + 3 degrees Celsius) , Triftalp ( 2090 m) , Moosalp (Stalden side along the vertical rockwall ) , Simplonpass , Colle Fauniera (partly above clouds) , Usseglio - Alpe Bessanetto climb (with chamois !!! ) , Col des Gondrans, La Bergerie du Bois Noir (2009 m), Col du Granon, Sestriere

In the following weeks I will edit new videos about each day (1st: Granon, then La Bergerie du Bois Noir) to have videos (in my collection) about all of the paved climbs finishing above 2000 m in the French Alps.

Have pleasure with the video !
(In few months time I plan to write a travelogue too)

/I started a facebook page ( - with posts in Hungarian & in English ) where I will post infos, photos, videos about my tours, experiences (more than 30.000 kms in the Alps, Pyrenées, canary islands & Andalucia) ... about cycling high .. and plan an article or list / collection about the most wonderful paved climbs (finishing above 2000 m) of the Alps, Pyrenées, Canary islands & Andalucia (I haven't visited there Calar Alto 2 years ago I had not enough time for that)

Best regards,

Hello !

After the legendary and very hard cycling challenge ( Monte Grappa challenge ) , / my video:

Best regards,
Gábor Györgyi (Hungary)

All of the climb I ascended can be found here with video url-s:

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