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 ~ ANT1 goin ~ARIZONA  thru Monument valley-  COLORADO-
 even for few days or few weeks...heading thru nice spots from Navajo arizona now- may16 thru monument vally - to Rockies Boulder- colorado

 Please email if you hear anyone bikes- campers  whom i can atleast know best routes  and  follow same routes to be safe

  ive  been riding across america  west to east.... it gets a bit dangerous when they forget to tell us- there desert coming  ot a detour

  Im open to helping a family or  single bikers- who need help car transport or setting up boat or  crew
 im near navajo indian reservation heading rt 98 thru then monument valey-mexican hat utah,
 of course i will wait for you as it will take many days to get to utah- its may 16 now; im still in arizona
im planing on meeting up with any bikers  going thru utah and then finaly rockies colorado-

Im seeking COMPANIONS to  Camp + bike across country ! :)
Happy trails-
I was doing about 30-40 miles day +stoped as I faced desert @Redling,California!
Im on way to Arizona=-..but even if i meet up  with few bikers heading east for few days - as i have to find Detour !
Im 25 polite college grad-Man-!
Im limited on my cell-so I havnt been able to post my own ad-
Im SEEKING COMPANIONS- even if its a few days -or few weeks-till im heading in safe trails to Colorado grand canyon.
..but  Im open to ANY SUGESTIONS - actualy going- Across country -to end up @Boston
Once im @colorado- il be  safer- as that state is  full of camp + safe bike trails-
 ::) Should  i go western express towards arizona to   trans am trails......' its a bit tricky- ,to get to Colorado on 1 route

i have about 3-4 weeks - can extend a bit but id like to enjoy most time -in colorado seems to have allot great folks and its made for bikers-
ANY1  know of good cheap- HOSTELS-or  sharing Camp sites?im a great help! PLEASE PASS ALONG MY EMAIL TO ANY1 going west to east - so i can join in even for a few days or a few weeks

California / Re: Welcome to the California Discussion Group
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:03:12 pm »
Welcome to a discussion area for Adventure Cycling members and non members to meet, organize rides, and discuss cycling issues relevant to their region.  Please keep posts in this section pertaining to California.
Im college grad-25 yr old man,polite;healthy
 Im Seeking Road trip bike &Camp companions-from california going to Anywhere fun-
i would like head to colorado..but if too far il stay around nearby! im in LA-
im able to wait few weeks-but my goal is to get back to  boston by end may-june1deadline   

please leave where u are leavin from + where going to--

has anyone been to ADELAIDE hostel     
has anyone gone to BOULDER colorado from la  california
pleas reply even if you drive ; we can take bikes to wherever;i have tent- to Camp

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