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Gear Talk / panniers vs. BOB-like trailers??
« on: January 15, 2004, 12:41:57 am »
After pulling a Bob Yak on a few trips, I have decided to return to Panniers.  My experiences haven't been negative with the Yak, but Panniers seem to work better for those times, that you are off your bike.   In Cumberland, Maryland I saw two guys on a tandem, with a Yak piled high with Backpacker packs, tents, bags, a portable SINK and more, (it was at least 3 feet high) ride about 400 yards, before wiping out in a really bad way.  The high center of Gravity with the overstuffed Trailer is what started the fiasco. The stoker ripped both his arm and leg on the right side.  Not a good way to start out on a 185 mile bike/camping trip.  Also, I don't like the extra length that the Yak creates.  Its not a problem when on the bike, but anytime your off the bike, its a pain to handle. Panniers to me just seem to be simpler.

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