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Here is more info on the  Farmington to Chester route. The AC route is   46 miles with
about 2000 ft of climbing. On the suggested less hazardous route ( Farmington -> Ste. Genevieve ->Modoc->Chester) the milage is 51 with about 1800 ft of climbing ( 1200 ft to Ste. Gen and 600 ft
from Modoc to Chester). Milage and climb data is from
There is virtually no traffic on the 18 mile Modoc to Chester route, it is along the river and
most of it is shaded. It also lets you avoid Hwy3 which is narrow and carries a lot of traffic in and out of Chester.



    Thanks for hint, the map plus instructions are in the URL below:,il&daddr=37.97715,-89.91908+to:37.92347,-89.85921+to:37.90483,-89.83462+to:chester,il&hl=en&sll=37.983175,-89.929276&sspn=0.262485,0.425034&geocode=FciiRAIdqyOi-il9cz4kM4DYhzH-RAL7Ylk3Rg%3BFT58QwIdmPGj-ik_TnCprCx2iDGJMaLWHaRdqQ%3BFY6qQgIddtuk-iknKTSMb9J3iDHPSDKWnjs6BA%3BFb5hQgIdhDul-imvK5a_6M13iDHQYD7MLJRkhQ%3BFT-EQgIdnmyl-illh8ltwM13iDEBTYUOl4nsfQ&vpsrc=0&mra=dpe&mrsp=3&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=11

    The Google map making feature which includes personal notes, plus icons , directions
and is searchable does not include the directions between the points, hence I have stuck
using the URL of the normal Google map with directions.


Routes / Re: San Diego to Portland
« on: August 27, 2011, 12:54:35 am »
Either way you go, may I suggest trying Google Bike Maps as a starting point. The good point is that they also contain directions and photos of important intersections.If others have used Google for maps and saved them under PUBLIC, then they would be available to you.

The problem is you have to use their map title, most titles are from the starting point to
the destination. May I suggest seeking route information between relative close points, such
as San Diego to La Jolla, ect..


Hi All
    Thanks for your comments and criticisms.

Please note that I have been able to post a Google map of the route from Modoc, Ill to Chester, Ill.
Modoc, Ill is the first town (village) on the Ill side of the river once you get off the ferry.
The post is on ->Forums ->Navigation Tools ->Google Bike Maps & Instructions.

Google Bike Maps allows one to email a package of a map, photos of important intersections,
and route instructions. The package contents is all that is needed to establish and communicate a route to other cyclist.  My question is there any portion this AC web site  which can accept and post those Google packages ?


The AC Trans Am route #9 between Farmington, MO and Chester, Ill crosses a long narrow two lane
bridge over the Mississippi River which often has heavy truck traffic. Much of the route on to Farmington is along narrow and shoulder less two lane MO county roads which pass thru the very hilly Ozark winemaking region that draws moderate wine taster traffic on the weekends.

A less hazardous optional route is Hwy 32 between Ste. Genevieve and Farmington, cross the Mississippi on the ferry at Ste. Genevieve, from Modoc go south on  very low traffic side roads
which avoid Hwy 3 in Ill, and parallel the river on to Chester.
A detailed route  is found at: -> Forums -> pgash -> Forums 8.

Happy Trails...


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