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General Discussion / Re: Do we have a winner for the 2008 Bike Giveaway?
« on: February 23, 2009, 01:22:12 pm »
This notice appeared in the February 4th version of BikeBits, Adventure Cycling's enewsletter:

The Jean and Stephen Van Dam family of Boyne City, Michigan, are the winners
of the 2008 Bike Giveaway super-duper grand prize: a Long Haul Trucker
touring bike from Surly Bicycles worth $1,000, along with free passage on a
2009 Adventure Cycling seven-day event tour. "It's Steve who's getting the
bike," Jean said. "He's been riding an ancient Trek, so he's the lucky
winner. We're very excited to win the bike and the Adventure Cycling tour."
These fine people have been members for eighteen years. You can check out
Steve's new ride here:

Adventure Cycling's members certainly are a diverse lot, a fact that the Van
Dams' website underscores:

If you do not receive Bike Bits and you would like to sign up:

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