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Routes / Re: Pittsburgh to Washington, DC
« on: March 03, 2012, 01:10:25 pm »
We rode from State of WA to DC this past summer.  The last section was from Pitt to DC on the GAP and C&O.  My bike was a Jamis Aurora, loaded with full panniers, about 85#.  Rear was a 35cm, front was a 32cm.  Had no problem at all with the riding on both trails.  There was some uneven and broken surface where work/repair was being done, but overall ok.  As for the elevation, kept looking for it, think it is overrated.  Friend rode his moutain/hybrid with fatter tires and was able to make better time and easier transit on the trails.  My advice, don't go for speed, relax and enjoy the trip, make stops whenever you want.  Did meet a lot of really good people. 

California / Three Flags Highway
« on: December 31, 2011, 04:36:54 pm »
Planning on a ride from Neah Bay, WA to San Diego then plan on returning up the Three Flags Highway route from San Diego to Spokane, WA.  Question, what is the typical weather pattern, winds, etc. from San Diego going North across the Mojave, along the base of the Sierra and toward Reno/Tahoe in June.

I live in North Spokane and have riden to Sandpoint about anyway you can.  My recommendation would be to ride from Spokane, North along the Elk-Chattaroy road, up to the Blanchard Rd that goes East across Blanchard Pass into Idaho.  Then, North toward the town of Oldtown, Idaho.  There you meet up with US Highway 2, along the Pend Orielle river go East to Sandpoint.

Routes / Re: Help with route in WY
« on: December 31, 2011, 03:04:28 pm »
 :) Depends upon where and when you are starting out from Nebraska.  I rode across Wyoming this past summer with a friend as we traveled across the US.  Our route was of our own design and worked out well for us, but a bike shop in Ogalalla, Neb told us that if we were later in the summer we would have had major problems with goatheads on the road.  We, going West to East, entered Yellowstone from the West Yellowstone entry, crossed through the park and exited East over Silvan Pass and onto Cody, Wyoming.  We traveled South out of Cody to Shoshone, Wy.  From Shoshone, Wy we then proceeded to Casper, Wyoming and onto the route to Scottsbluff and Ogalalla.  Crossed Nebraska essentially following the Oregon Trail through Grand Island and then down to Lincoln.  You could do a reverse of the route.  Be well prepared for not having a lot of services on sections, many of the little towns have very little to provide, but the people were wonderful.

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