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One more quick question. I was planning on buying fresh fish at markets along the coast. Any advice on transporting it to my campsite without it spoiling?

For side trips into Olympic National Park, are those pretty much straight uphill or rolling? I was looking at taking Olympic Hot Springs road to Lake Mills. With the amount of rain I'm going to be seeing, I need to waterproof all my gear right? Map cases, cell phone case, etc.

Routes / Re: Summer heat on the TA
« on: January 29, 2012, 01:52:43 pm »
As someone that lives in Illinois but has not done the TA, I will say that you need to wear glasses/sunglasses because there are a lot of gnats and mosquitoes. If you travel at night, mosquitoes will get you. It gets pretty miserable but nowhere as bad as Memphis or New Orleans in the summer. I currently live in the Chicago southern suburbs but also have lived in central Illinois.

Routes / Pacific Coast Route with a British Columbia twist in the spring
« on: January 29, 2012, 12:14:39 pm »
So I was planning on doing the PCR starting in Vancouver, and going north to about Powell River, taking the ferry across to Comox, traveling south to Victoria, ferry to Port Angeles and continuing south through Forks, Neilton, Astoria and further south. Any thoughts on this? I was also figuring if I got tired of going north, I could take a ferry earlier because there are so many ferry crossings.

Also, I was planning on starting in March. With stops at breweries, and National Parks at about 50 miles a day, staying with family/friends in SF, and ending in San Diego, I was looking to finish around the 2nd week of June. How crappy of weather am I going to hit? I'm okay with rain and cold. I have to do it in March because I start dental school in early July.

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