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There has been a landslide on White Rock Mtn. Rd. and the USFS has been slow to respond.
Attached is the map area in question.

And here is a detour on Shores Lake Rd. suggested by Chuck Campbell, the ARHC route designer:

Nathan Taylor
ACA Cartographer

Routes / Re: Missoula Spur
« on: August 19, 2020, 06:14:03 pm »
That sounds rough. Do you mind sending me an email off the forum? I'd like to figure out if some of the navigational "keys" we use in the narrative descriptions have changed. The fact that you couldn't find the FR 4337 road and gate makes me wonder if some signs or other features have been removed/vandalized/etc. There are so few signs in this neck of the woods. If I can change the descriptions to avoid more folks getting lost I certainly will.


Routes / Re: Missoula Spur
« on: August 19, 2020, 04:31:31 pm »
Hi Alden-
Sorry that you had a hard time route-finding on the Missoula Spur. It is a challenging route for most riders, but especially northbound from Missoula. Can you tell me how you were navigating? Print map? GPX data or mobile app? During mapping, we realized the detail limitation of our print map scale to help with winding through that web of old logging roads. Therefore we made sure to add a recommendation to use our digital data on a device as a supplement to print maps-- the ability to zoom into the route line to figure out which direction to bear at a Y, for instance, is invaluable. Attached you'll find this recommendation as it is stated on maps.

As for the overgrown grasses and weeds, many of the lands that the Missoula Spur brings riders through are in a long-term process of ownership transition. The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management jointly manage these lands, but some swapping between the agencies is occurring. Weed mitigation has happened along the route, but this is not an annual practice, and not enough to weather the land exchanges and current economic climate. This year, for instance, I am fairly certain the weeds were not knocked back with spray so were quite high, as you note. We realized these factors when deciding to map the route but still felt that it offered quite a lot as a bikepacking route in terms of adventure, physical challenge, historic/cultural significance, and potential for future development.

I'm happy to talk more with you about the Spur if you like. Please contact me at ntaylor(at) if you are interested!

ACA Cartographer

More info on the Williams Fork Fire can be found here:

As of 8/18, it is closing GD Sec04 main route from near the Horseshoe CG (SB mi. 92.1) south to East Branch Reservoir (SB mi. 96.4) on the north side of Ute Pass. The detour is at turn J, SB mi. 66.4, continue straight on SR 9. As Patbikes noted, CR 30 provides a respite from the highway around Green Mountain Reservoir. South of the reservoir, SR 9 will be rejoined into Silverthorne. Attached is a map for reference. And here is a RWGPS map of the detour:

ACA Cartographer

From Lolo NF: Cottonwood Lakes Road NFSR #477 will be closed starting on July 20 - August 8 from its junction with Dunham Creek Road #4388 at milepost 19.1 and west to its junction with Dunham Ditch Road #17512 at milepost 18.7. The closure will be in place through August 8 for crews to replace the Dunham Bridge.

This is at the same location of another closure posted Sep 2019. The suggested detour from that closure also applies here. See

Here's the closure post from Lolo NF:


Sorry, the distance between passes was off in my above post:

"the climb up Couch Summit (about 1000 ft in 4 mi.) is followed by the climb up Dollarhide Summit (2500 ft in 9 mi) just 4.5 mi. further to the east"

should say

"the climb up Couch Summit (about 1000 ft in 4 mi.) is followed by the climb up Dollarhide Summit (2500 ft in 9 mi) 18 mi. further to the east"


It sounds like the FR 227 detour that the Smoke and Fire event ( will use will take participants (CCW) through Pine, Soldier, and over Couch Summit back to the main route. This has been suggested by a local sprocketgizmo in a previous post. Here is a link to the route:

As others have stated, this includes less hot desert sagebrush riding than ACA's official detour and will return a rider to the main route faster than going all the way east to Hailey. As for challenges, the climb up Couch Summit (about 1000 ft in 4 mi.) is followed by the climb up Dollarhide Summit (2500 ft in 9 mi) just 4.5 mi. further to the east.

Additionally, this detour rejoins the main route directly at the intersection of FR 094 and FR 227, where the road closure west of Worswick Hot Springs due to hauling rock for construction is slated to occur starting July 8. To avoid this closure, a rider can stick to the official ACA detour. Here is the USFS statement on this closure:

Beginning as early as July 8, the contractors will start hauling rock from along Forest Road 227 west of Worswick Hotsprings to the Bowns Project Area.  Full daytime closures on the 227 road between Five Points (intersection of FR 094 and FR 227) through the “narrows” to Worswick Hotsprings will occur at that time on weekdays only.  Travel over Couch Summit to Smoky Bar will not be affected, nor will travel to Little Smoky Creek (or Ketchum) from Wells Summit.


Here is a mash-up of andrewh's route (at least, how I interpreted it. Please let me know if accurate!) and the washout locations according to the USFS. I will confirm with them if this detour is acceptable, but it does look viable. The 1 mi. hike-a-bike (is any of the pack trail rideable?) seems MUCH more preferable to a combined ~4000 ft climb to the south and then riding hot sagebrush foothills all the way east to Hailey. This pack trail has a couple steep grades but overall is only about a 250 ft gain to the nondescript track leading NE to Fleck Summit.

This detour won't address the July traffic stoppages to the east near Worswick Hot Springs.

I welcome any other comments!


Thanks andrewh. Do you (or sprocketgizmo) know: Is the clearing work located west of the junction of FR 12 and 227? Meaning, does following FR 12 down from Fleck Summit (as you recommend) put cyclists out of the way of this work site so as to continue east on 227?

If so, I'd say that your detour sounds reasonable.


From Lolo National Forest: A segment of Cottonwood Lakes Road NFSR 477 at mile marker 19 over Dunham Creek will be closed Sept 16– Oct 12. for a bridge replacement.  Cottonwood Lakes Road will be closed to the southeast from the intersection with Dunham Creek Road NFSR 4388 for approximately a quarter of a mile.

The USFS recommended detour is to leave route at SB mi. 9.6, ride 3.3 mi. S. on Lower Cottonwood Rd./FR 9976 to Kozy Corner, then 8.5 mi. east and south on Woodworth Rd. to SR 200, then 6.7 mi. E. to main route intersection at SR 200 and Monture Creek Rd.

Here is a visual of the area in question. Purple is the closure area, green is the recommended detour.

And here is a Ride With GPS map link to the detour:

Nathan Taylor
Routes and Mapping

Update to Beeskove Fire closures on GD Missoula Spur: the main Rattlesnake Trail, East Fork Rattlesnake Tr. #514 and Sheep Mtn. Tr. #513 all reopened on 8/17. However, East Fork Rattlesnake Road/FR 2112 and Mineral Peak Lookout Road/FR 2120 are now closed until further notice as firefighting efforts continue. The above detour is still necessary to avoid the closed roads.

Nathan from ACA

From NPS: A number of large scale projects will force the closure of the Green River ferry (EB mile 30.5) and ~2 mi. of Green River Ferry Rd. N of the river from July 29 - November 15, 2019. Work will include extending the vehicle ramp, improving the ferry boat and creating canoe/kayak river access upstream of the ferry. See for more info.

NPS has posted a detour that is 29 mi. long and skirts the perimeter of Mammoth Cave NP almost entirely: Note this map also shows the full closure area in detail.

Here is a Ride With GPS map of the same detour, going EB:

There are some services along the detour, notably near the SR 728/SR 1827 intersection in the north, and the town of Brownsville in the southwest.

ACA Routes and Mapping

Update 8/8/19: Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 is now closed, which makes the proposed detour unrideable. Here is the closure announcement:
If you do choose to ride the Secesh Singletrack Option, which we can't wholeheartedly recommend based on current wildfire danger, here are a couple trails south of the Warren Wagon Rd. that could be used to close a shorter loop variation:

Duck Lake Trail (purple on attached map):
CCW: From turn G (mi 22.8), turn left onto Tr. #084 passing Loon Lake and following Loon Creek upstream. In 11.4 mi., rejoin Secesh Option on Twentymile Tr. #085 directly north of Duck Lake.
This trail is rated a moderate singletrack with 2200 ft ascent, 1500 descent due largely to the ridge that must be negotiated at the head of Loon Creek.

Victor Creek Trail (green on map):
CCW: From turn I (mi 24.0), at 3-way fork, turn left onto Victor Creek Tr. #117 and follow Victor Creek upstream. The trail is 10.8 mi total, moderate for the first 7 mi., then steepens as it ascends Diamond Ridge, at which point it begins the descent to Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 (south of the closure area).
This trail is rated as difficult singletrack with 2200 ft ascent and 2100 descent, but is noted for high scenic beauty.

Note that ACA has not scouted either of these trails, so use at your own discretion.

ACA Routes and Mapping

The Nethker Fire ( has closed the Bear Pete Trail #142 along the Secesh Singletrack Option. According to their Facebook page (, Burgdorf Hot Springs is also closed until further notice.

Warren Wagon Rd./SR 21 remains open, so the CCW detour is thus: At turn L (mi. 31.9), near Ruby Meadows TH, turn left onto paved Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 and follow 6.4 mi. SW over Secesh Summit to rejoin the route at turn O (mi. 60.6). But keep in mind that conditions are changing and Warren Wagon Rd./FR 21 status as open is in flux. It is recommended to check the inciweb link above for current status before riding this detour.

Attached is a map of the detour and affected area. Note that red is the trail closure, green is the detour and yellow X is fire location.

ACA Routes and Mapping

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