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Did you ever work out a route to Durango?  We're westboud on ST now.  Had planned to continue to Grand Canyon Connector but we're more than ready to start angling away from the west headwinds.  If not from Silver City, then another option we're considering is to continue on ST to Globe then head northwest through Payson and Flagstaff to Grand Canyon.  How are those roads (188, 87,...) for traffic and shoulders?

Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Re: Northern Tier SR46
« on: June 27, 2012, 07:55:40 pm »
Thanks for the bridge outage workaround.  We're going through there tomorrow (WB) and will look for the narrow bridge.  (I'm confused by the posting that the new ND maps don't use this routing anymore.  My new map does.)

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